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I’m Back…

by RobL1/15/18

Hello Stubborn Friends,

It’s been about 5 years since I last posted. Life caught up with me for a while; work, children, family, school, etc… More » • (134 views)

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Steynmied by NRO

NR-RINOlogo2by RobL
Facts are a stubborn thing my friends and I’ll offer you a new one for today. National Review used to be a conservative institution. More » • (4757 views)

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What CBS Local Won’t Let You Say

SexEdThumbby RobL
A daily scan of Drudge Report provides access to news stories across the land not otherwise easily located. This story caught my eye: CPS Mandates Sexual, Health Education For Kindergarten. More » • (928 views)

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Syria: The Price of Politics

PoliticsThumbSmby RobL
An excellent review of the current predicament the President finds himself in. George Friedman at Stratfor consistent provides excellent thoughtful non-partisan analyses of current strategic issues. More » • (895 views)

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Diversity, Inc.

DiversityThumbby RobL
With only the slightest sagacity it becomes readily apparent diversity is a property possessed solely by Conservatism. More » • (1342 views)

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Remembering Thatcher

ThatcherThumbby RobL
Conversing with younger and many older fellow Americans is a saddening event these days. Most readily believe the anti-conservative propaganda inundating their lives. More » • (1252 views)

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Don’t Meter Me Bro

ParkingMeterThumbby RobL
The normative experience is liberalism. We’ve been so conditioned that we don’t realize adherence to Leftism has been imposed upon us. Our lack of awareness deliberately cultivated by the Left will further result in the advancement of Leftism and the erosion of our liberties, freedoms, and rights. More » • (2029 views)

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Does the Left Think We Are Ducks?

RubberDuckieThumbby RobL
You know those little ducklings and chicks, cute as can be, frantically busting out from their shells and imprinting upon the first object they see? Usually it’s their mother whom they’ll spend the rest of their youth following. This is a necessary mechanism, for if they cannot, they will not survive. More » • (876 views)

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Drug is Our Love

DrugCrazyThumbby RobL
I was going to rant about the threat seemingly innocuous parking meters pose but that will have to wait until another day… I was flabbergasted by an article yesterday on Yahoo! And the implications are rather frightening. More » • (3863 views)

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On Avatars

GeorgeWashingtonArtby RobL
When people ponder ‘patriotic’ cities, I’d wager New York City doesn’t make their list. After all, there is Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington DC to contend with. And while there’s a lot one can say about the Big Apple, it’s likely not in a conversation about our nation’s founding. That’s a mistake, for a visit to New York can be quite patriotically inspiring. More » • (853 views)

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A Hint of Hemlock Added to the Elixir of Education

HemlockThumbby RobL
Today I was most intrigued and frankly encouraged by an article/video on of all places: More » • (997 views)

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Light, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hemlock

HemlockThumbby RobL
I’d like to dedicate my first article to briefly explaining the reasoning behind my column’s title: Light, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hemlock. It represents a personal ode to the pillars of Western Civilization and its greatest political tradition currently represented as modern conservatism.* The pillars being the ancient Hebrews, ancient Greek Civilization, and the accumulated wisdom, writings and works of our Founders.

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