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Merry Christmas, But Don’t Expect a Gift From Me

Gift2by Pokey Possum   12/17/13
I don’t buy Christmas gifts. Everyone who would customarily be on my Christmas list appears to have everything they need, and some stuff they don’t. More » • (980 views)

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The Pearl and the Sand

by Pokey Possum   January 2013

In every life some rain must fall.
It’d be too dry if the sun was all
that fell upon this weary land.
Would we seek the shelter of His hand? More » • (1061 views)

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by Pokey Possum  10/27/12


bleeding red from summer’s side More » • (819 views)

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The Knowing Eye

by Pokey Possum  2/23/12

A great hurricane,

fateful, laden in its course, More » • (629 views)

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