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Bad Design is Still Design

BadDesignby Pete Chadwell  9/30/14
One very popular argument against Intelligent Design is the argument from suboptimal design. It seems that many are persuaded by this argument, but it really doesn’t take a whole lot of careful thought to see how ineffective such an argument is. More » • (3296 views)

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Naturalism: An Obstruction of Justice

Naturalismby Pete Chadwell9/24/14
Supporters of Intelligent Design necessarily place themselves in opposition to methodological naturalism, (as it applies to origin-of-life questions) but far from relying on “supernatural” causes, this opposition to naturalism merely enables one to objectively weigh the evidence and make rational conclusions based on that evidence. More » • (1530 views)

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Contradiction: The Common Thread of ID Criticism

DNAby Pete Chadwell9/22/14
The objections to the theory of Intelligent Design (ID) are wide-ranging, but they all have at least one common thread: Contradiction. That is, every argument offered by critics of ID ultimately lands them in the midst of astonishing contradictions. More » • (3380 views)

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