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The Phone Call

by Pat Tarzwell   6/9/17
I was sitting at my computer the other day, just trying to do a little work when I got the call.  It was one of those rare events where no-one else was available to answer the phone, so I picked it up and had no idea just how much fun I was about to have. More » • (380 views)

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Les Deplorables

by Pat Tarzwell   3/7/17
There was a rally this week end called “The Spirit of America Rally”.  As it turns out, it was a Trump rally but I was there with 400 to 500 Washington deplorables.  I was really interested in going because I was told there would be lots of protesters; always liking to have the opportunity to talk with some of them, I went. More » • (1047 views)

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Springtime for the Leftist in Olympia

by Pat Tarzwell2/7/17

No, it’s not what you think; the groundhog did see his shadow after all.  I went down to Olympia yesterday, (02-06-17), to testify on forced union membership here in Washington, well as it turns out, I signed into the wrong bill number but it did not matter. More » • (643 views)

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One Half Hour in the Loony Bin

by Pat Tarzwell   2/3/17
This week end my wife and I attended a Republican conference here in Washington State, (I know, Republicans in The People’s Republic of Washington, who knew?).  Well, all was going the way these things normally go, some leftwing Republicans More » • (1172 views)

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A new way to spell tyranny: TYRNC.

BananaRepublicTrumpby Pat Tarzwell5/27/16
Editor’s note: This is stream-of-consciousness writing by Mr. Tarzwell, fresh from a red-eye flight as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. I don’t have time to clean up the spelling nor do I want to. This gives you a glimpse of a man tired, abused, and beaten by scoundrels, but still trudging on (we hope). More » • (1966 views)

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Advice to a GOP Delegate

by Pat Tarzwell7/12/16

I have a request of the fine writer here at ST. I know that there are those on both sides of the issue — to Trump or not to Trump. More » • (1354 views)

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Pragmatically Misguided

pragmatic2by Pat Tarzwell5/27/16
Sorry, I just had to respond to this so-called minister, Mychal Massie, who wrote the article, Trump Is Not Conservative, He’s a Pragmatist. There’s nothing unique in this article at all; this is just more Trump Apologetics. More » • (1588 views)

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Sticks and Stones

SticksStonesby Pat Tarzwell   2/25/16
I heard something recently that explains much about the state of this country and, in some ways, the world. I will start with a simple question that I know every single reader on this site can answer with little thought. Fill in this phrase: “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will _______________?” More » • (5411 views)

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Where are the Farmers?

DavyCrockettby Pat Tarzwell   11/24/15
Here is a story from David Barton, on WallBuilders Live! radio the other day. I have posted this before, but it is the message that I now take from this that has changed. More » • (886 views)

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Responsible To Remember

OldFlagby Pat Tarzwell   7/7/14
Two hundred and thirty-eight years ago a group of men gathered in Philadelphia on a hot summer afternoon while their fellow countrymen were engaged up north in what they thought was a Civil War. More » • (1793 views)

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