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The Rational Case Against Same-sex Marriage

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I must admit that it took me a while to develop a logical opinion on the issue of same-sex marriage (SSM). On one hand, I have nothing against gays or gayness—quite to the contrary, some of the mentors to whom I owe most intellectually were gay More » • (9955 views)

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Stubborn Things Pub Chat–Should We Go to War With Assad?

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What do my friends/co-authors on ST think about this issue? I am against it, because 1) we’ve seen how Egypt and Libya went, 2) it’s not in our National interest, 3) it’s (I suspect) a wag-the-dog operation to get more of O’s domestic agenda passed. More » • (1643 views)

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Further Thoughts on MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

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My article on MLK’s I have a dream speech has engendered some emotional responses. The issue is whether we should give great men a pass on their flaws and judge them solely on their intentions, or whether a critical look at their words and deeds is fair game. More » • (2347 views)

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Thoughts on MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

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Am I the only one who thinks that Martin Luther King (MLK) has been turned into a hyperbole? He’s America’s saint, and a mascot for both whites wishing to preen about their spotless post-racial conscience and blacks who want to hide behind his image More » • (4609 views)

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Stubborn Things Pub Chat–Why National Review Online (NRO) and I Parted as Friends

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It’s not a secret that Stubborn Things was born partially from a growing sense of dissatisfaction with NRO, the site that used to be the favorite watering hole for most posters here. But who started diverging from whom? More » • (3473 views)

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Reconquering the Discourse—Part 3: Rational Cases against Illegal Immigration, and why Our Elites Want Open Borders

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If US citizenship were a currency, one day soon it would be trading even with the Vietnamese Dong, thanks to the part ill-conceived, part treasonous policies that our ruling class are foisting on us. More » • (1028 views)

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Reconquering the Discourse—Part 2: Disarming Atheistic Smugness

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If there’s one thing that I find more annoying than dreaming it’s Friday and waking up on Monday, is a proselytizing atheist. You know who I’m talking about: the frump with the footed Darwin fish on her Prius (as if somehow the mechanism of evolution and a God setting it in motion were logically incompatible), the mouth-breathing idiot sharing “I f**king love science” nonsense on Facebook More » • (2568 views)

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Reconquering the Discourse–Part 1: The Battleground of Ideas

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In the last half-century, we Conservatives have let ourselves become the “other” in our own culture. Controversial, outmoded, extreme, Neanderthal, medieval: these are the qualifiers we hear constantly associated with our views–in news, entertainment, social media, the classroom and even conversation among peers. More » • (2245 views)

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