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Is Kasich Really the ‘Adult’ on X-rated GOP Stage?

JohnKasichby Linda Harvey   3/8/16
As Donald Trump and Marco Rubio traded jabs about male genitalia, my Ohio governor, John Kasich claimed he was above it all. Kasich said at the Detroit debate, “People say, everywhere I go, you seem to be the adult on stage.” More » • (925 views)

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I’m a Zebra

ZebraEyeby Linda Harvey   2/17/16
If you worry your daughter Melissa may be drawn to the notion of becoming “Mike” instead, there’s another storm brewing for concerned parents. How about the daughter who swears she’s a dolphin living in a human body? More » • (865 views)

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The Prince of Peace Revealed Why They Hate Us

Christby Linda Harvey   12/23/15
The whole world waits this week for the advent of Jesus, for healing by the baby in the manger who became the Prince of Peace – because our divisions remain wide, our differences dramatic. More » • (1505 views)

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The Bullies of Banned Books Week

BannedBooksby Linda Harvey   9/19/14
What would you do if you wanted to expose kids to trash and treason while keeping pesky parents away? You might try something like “Banned Books Week,” a diversionary tactic invented by the leftist American Library Association More » • (5978 views)

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Arizona Rejects Bullying Prevention Law

SameSexThumbby Linda Harvey   3/4/14
Well, once again, deception rules the day and the bullies pushing homosexuality in our culture win again—at least for now. Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed Senate Bill 1062, a bill on religious freedom, or as I like to think of it, a bullying prevention law for grown-ups. More » • (1574 views)

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Book Excerpt: Maybe He’s Not Gay

MaybeNotGayThumbby Linda Harvey   12/29/13
Excerpt from Chapter 1 of Maybe He’s Not Gay, a new book by Linda Harvey: More » • (1251 views)

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New Book: Maybe He’s Not Gay

by Linda Harvey   12/29/13

“I’m gay.” As more and more young people announce this is their identity, it’s time to take a closer look. It’s a profound declaration, a new civil right (they are told) and it’s “who you are.” But there’s a problem. Are we sure this is the truth? More » • (675 views)

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SSM Advocates Start Ohio Spin Campaigns

SameSexThumbby Linda Harvey
In September and October, Equality Ohio launched campaigns to persuade Ohioans to accept same-sex marriage (SSM) and to change federal and state law on workplace issues. Their strategy is surely influenced by a recent poll of Ohio voters. More » • (1469 views)

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Twelve Chilling Incidents of LGBT Tyranny

NoBullyThumb2by Linda Harvey
Perhaps you are someone tempted to embrace “gay rights” as a worthy cause. If so, it’s likely you recently returned to America after a lengthy sojourn on a desert island. More »

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The Forgotten Victims of “Gay Marriage”

SameSexThumbby Linda Harvey
When I was eight years old, my Christmas list held one item: a bride doll. Oh, how overjoyed I was when “Santa” left under our tree that beautiful, white-veiled icon of future girl dreams. And my simple dreams included a wedding, a bride with her groom. More » • (2657 views)

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The Foggy Message of HIV Awareness Day

AIDSthumbby Linda Harvey
Once again this year (2013),the federal government agency that tracks disease in our country held an annual National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day to raise awareness about the HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the United States. More » • (1462 views)

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Momlessness and Dadlessness as a Way of Life

SameSexThumbby Linda Harvey
Former attorney general of Ohio Jim Petro and his wife have jumped on the “gay marriage” bandwagon because their daughter Corbin got hitched, so the fantasy goes, to another woman in Massachusetts. More » • (1599 views)

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