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The ‘Growth Fairy’ and the Federal Deficit

FederalDeficitby Jon N. Hall9/28/15
In August, the Congressional Budget Office projected a $426B federal deficit for fiscal 2015, which ends on September 30. Since the record deficit of $1,412B in 2009, there’s been about a trillion dollars of improvement on the budget More » • (870 views)

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‘Undocumented Americans’ and the Nation’s Data

ObamaIllegalAlienCrossingby Jon N. Hall9/11/15
What does becoming an American citizen entail? One thing it entails is getting a social security card. But a “regular” American — one born to another American — might find it difficult to get that document if she were born at home or in the back of a Dodge van More » • (783 views)

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Anchor This!

IllegalAlienby Jon N. Hall9/3/15
Becoming an American is a bit like becoming a vampire; new vampires are created by old vampires. As with vampires, American citizenship requires an infusion of blood, but not from a bite — from an umbilical cord. There are exceptions to this rule, however. More » • (691 views)

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Not Your Father’s 14th Amendment

AnchorBabyby Jon N. Hall8/24/15
On August 19, two excellent, must-read articles ran on the Net that are sorely needed correctives to a common misunderstanding about the 14th Amendment. Unfortunately, this mistake is even made by certain legal professionals who should know better. More » • (1051 views)

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Why We Watch the Movies

TheMoviesby Jon N. Hall    8/11/15
If you’re like most people, you’ve had a strong opinion about something that was not shared by those whom you respect. What’s wrong with them, you wonder; why can’t they see what I see; why do they hate what I love? More » • (1009 views)

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Selecting a Nominee: Why Not Laura?

Lauraby Jon N. Hall    8/3/15
Democrats are obsessed with firsts, as in first African-American president, first female president, first gay president, first transgendered president, etc. How about first non-American president? How about a foreigner like the U.K.’s Daniel Hannan or Nigel Farage for president? More » • (1440 views)

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The Presidential Primary System and What to Do About It

democracy-voteby Jon N. Hall    7/15/15
The following article appeared at GOPUSA on Oct 19, 2009. It’s no longer up there, as far as I can tell. Given the political season we’re in, the central idea, which I still believe in, is timely. More » • (2372 views)

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Incoherence, Thy Name Is ObamaCare

ObamaCareby Jon N. Hall    7/9/15
In “Pimento,” the ninth episode of Better Call Saul, AMC’s new series about an unethical lawyer, trial lawyer Chuck McGill heatedly accuses his shyster brother Jimmy of not being “a real lawyer.” Chuck then exclaims: “The law is sacred!” More » • (753 views)

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800 Years Old: A Movie to Celebrate the Magna Carta

MagnaCartaby Jon N. Hall    6/15/15
Today is the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, June 15, 1215. Nearly four years ago I wrote a movie review appropriate for such an occasion. The headline was “A Ridley Scott Movie for Conservatives” More » • (1338 views)

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The Darling of GOP Tax Reform

Taxesby Jon N. Hall    5/23/15
Back in the halcyon days of yore, before the advent of Big Government, tax collection was one of the main places where the individual bumped up against the “powers that be.” In that distant past, tax collectors were called “publicans,” and they were generally despised. More » • (1649 views)

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The Rubio Tax Plan Asks for Grief

Rubioby Jon N. Hall    5/14/15
In March, Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Mike Lee unveiled a tax reform plan that’s gotten mixed reviews. While there’s praise for their ideas on taxes for business, the reception for their proposed changes to the individual income tax isn’t so positive. More » • (1302 views)

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Liars in High Places

ClintonLiarby Jon N. Hall    4/16/15
Americans are queer for liars. We just love them. If that were not so, then we wouldn’t constantly be electing the most mendacious candidates to the highest political offices. More » • (1767 views)

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