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John R.W. Kirke is a pseudonym of a Christian husband, father, and engineer who has written elsewhere under other names, including "Lawrence" in the comments at National Review Online. He remains deeply moved by the unpublished memoirs of Professor D. Kirke (1888-1949).

An Open Letter to Jonah Goldberg

open-letterby John Kirke9/17/15
Author’s Note: As before, I’m writing an open letter to a public conservative pundit, in part to encourage a substantive response that more than one person would read.  If he’s already answered the sort of questions I raise, I would appreciate being directed to those answers. More » • (2240 views)

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Family Leave and Family Values

FamilyValuesby John Kirke9/4/15
A few weeks back on social media, a high-school friend approvingly posted the following quote by self-described socialist Bernie Sanders: More » • (1193 views)

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The Limits of State Power

AndyMcCarthyby John Kirke7/21/15
An Open Letter to Andrew C. McCarthy  •  Author’s Note:  At least in earthly matters, I believe in what Robert Maynard Hutchins describes as “the Great Conversation,” the dialogue that spans the ages More » • (828 views)

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A New Notion, Conceived in Comedy

Masksby John Kirke7/6/15
Friday, June 12th, already seems to be relegated to the distant past, overshadowed in the following fortnight by the mass shooting in Charleston, the unhinged reaction of the popular culture, and a set of Supreme Court rulings that were nothing less than tyrannical. More » • (698 views)

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Standing Athwart!

by John Kirke  3/7/15

[John Kirke sent the below, asking us to pass it along as a guest blog post.] More » • (1643 views)

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Pursue What Persists, and Enjoy the Ephemeral

Lettersby John Kirke  3/26/14
Author’s Note:  The following essay is the first in what I hope to be an ongoing series of open letters to my children.  •  Kids: I’m writing to you, undoubtedly years before you will actually read this, because I’ve discovered that one of my deepest desires is to communicate, to express things I cannot keep to myself, especially to those I love. More » • (2453 views)

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On Charles Cooke, Conservatism, and Atheism

Atheismby John Kirke  2/27/14
I’m no thorough scholar of conservative thought, but I do occasionally pick up a gem. In 1970, William F. Buckley co-edited a book with Charles Kesler, originally titled American Conservative Thought in the Twentieth Century and revised under the title Keeping the Tablets (which I own), and for that book he wrote an introductory essay, “Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?” More » • (3797 views)

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The Curious Courage of National Review

NRquietby John Kirke   2/9/14
Mark Steyn has long been a regular contributor for National Review, and they should make a great fit:  it’s the happy warrior, deploying his deadly wit to counter the seemingly irresistible threats to liberty and Western civilization, writing for the magazine that William F. Buckley founded with the stated mission of standing athwart history, yelling Stop. More » • (6425 views)

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