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Now Liberals Believe in ‘Love Whooping’

CorporalPunishmentby Jerry Richardson4/30/15
For years before the pediatrician Benjamin Spock peddled his unbiblical and bogus advice on child discipline to the world, successful parents adhered to the biblical admonition that More » • (1836 views)

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Marbles and Mumblety Peg

pocket-knife-gameby Jerry Richardson4/29/15
Boys are very different from girls. “Well, Captain Obvious,” you say, “tell us something we don’t know.”  But I’m not sure that the truth just spoken is so obviously known in today’s modern roll-your-own-gender world. More » • (2299 views)

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Love of Nature

TreeHugger2by Jerry Richardson4/26/15
Environmentalists seem to think they have a monopoly on love of nature. They don’t. Anyone who has grown-up, as I did, on a farm, surrounded by nature, loves and appreciates and understands, but doesn’t WORSHIP nature. More » • (3883 views)

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Grapes of Wrath, Route 66, and a Big Steak

Route66by Jerry Richardson4/23/15
The year I was born, 1939, John Steinbeck in his novel Grapes of Wrath gave the nickname The Mother Road to what was then officially Route 66. More » • (2042 views)

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Without Trust Everything Goes Downhill

ObamaUntrustworthyby Jerry Richardson4/17/15
How does any organization operate without trust?  Answer: Badly!  The latest most serious example in our nation is our US military. More » • (1144 views)

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Free-range Kids and Chinaberry Popguns

pop-gun2by Jerry Richardson4/15/15
When I grew up 70-years ago there was no concept of a “free-range” kid because all children were by necessity and by intention “free-range.”  Parents allowed their children to roam free, within understood boundaries More » • (3365 views)

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Mirrorby Jerry Richardson4/12/15
What are mirrors; and what mirrors do you stand before?  Mirrors supposedly reflect the image of whatever is facing them.  The presumed purpose of any “mirror” is to reflect, in some fashion reality.  But what reality is reflected; and why is that desirable? More » • (2418 views)

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Providence and Intelligent Design

ProvidencePaintingby Jerry Richardson4/4/15
The concept of God’s providence requires thinking about some issues that are closely related to the topic of Intelligent Design (ID).  This topic has been much discussed on this web site. How does the concept of God’s providence relate to ID? More » • (4314 views)

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God’s Providence

Providenceby Jerry Richardson3/29/15
Is there a time in your life that you are personally convinced that you were providentially protected?  Why do you think that? I had such a time when I was 14-years old.Here is what happened. More » • (2954 views)

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Easter April 5, 2015

EasterEggsby Jerry Richardson3/27/15
As a kid growing up, I loved Easter.  I loved hunting and then peeling and eating Easter eggs.  There have been numerous grumps around the world that have complained that such innocent activity besmirches the real meaning of Easter. More » • (3689 views)

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Willful Blindness and Moral Clarity

WillfulBlindnessby Jerry Richardson3/26/15
In a previously posted article, Willful Blindness, I attempted to explore and generate reader comments concerning willful blindness. My exploration in the previous article focused upon what I chose to call ideological willful blindness. More » • (2273 views)

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Willful Blindness

WillfulBlindnessby Jerry Richardson3/20/15
Is there such a phenomenon as willful blindness?  If so, what does it mean and what is its cause?  Most of us would probably confess to having been willfully blind at least a few times in our life, so we have some idea what it means; More » • (3907 views)

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