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Home is the Detroit suburbs, though I spent some years in Rochester, NY. Thus, I'm quite familiar with what a fiscal, societal, and governmental failure looks like.

We really don’t care “whose shirt you wear”

ShutdownThumb3by Geoph2
I wish more Conservatives, or even Republicans, would make a bigger issue out of the sequester. More » • (959 views)

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To TEA, or not to TEA….?

TeaPartyThumbby Geoph2
So now that the GOP has shown its cards (they never were very good at concealing them) the “Battle for the Republican Party” apparently began. More » • (2225 views)

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The Making of a Movement

TeaPartyThumbby Geoph2
What is it that makes a TEA Partier? Well, I guess that is truly hard to pin down – but I’ll give you my thoughts, and tell a bit of my journey there. More » • (1048 views)

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Movie Review: Teen Beach Movie

TeenBeachMovieThumbby Geoph2
With the long holiday weekend approaching, it was obvious more than a fair amount of television would be viewed at our house. So I began to search the satellite guide for movies we could watch that would save me the embarrassment of trying to play the “X-Station” games with my boys. More » • (1010 views)

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Got MLK?

MLK thumbby Geoph2
Fifty years and still celebrating the day of the “Dream” speech? Come on. We don’t celebrate the “day that will live in infamy” speech. We don’t gather for the “ask not what your country can do for you” anniversary More » • (1229 views)

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From Heroes to Zeroes; GOPer to DOPers in Two Short Years

NoRINOsThumbby Geoph2
What a shame GOPer, following Boehner’s lead, sold out all of America in 2011. More » • (2443 views)

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Mission Unaccomplished

TwinTowersThumbby Geoph2
Tuesday, September 11, 2001. I dropped off my oldest son at Kindergarten and took the dog to the vet. Driving home, I heard that a plane crashed into the Twin Towers. More » • (749 views)

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Habemus Papam

Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General Audienceby Geoph2
We have a pope. Four words that shape a world.

The last time they were proclaimed, they announced Pope Francis. And as with any change, it marked not an end, but a beginning. More » • (2539 views)

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