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Exclusionary Principles

by James Ray Deaton9/3/18

In some ways I must be an incredibly naive person. The whole week-long John McCain politicized funeral farewell tour was sad and even disturbing on many levels, but the sidebar news stories about President Trump and Sarah Palin being asked not to attend his services was especially so. More » • (107 views)

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Bystander Control

by James Ray Deaton9/15/16

Only one thing is certain in the aftermath of last weekend’s deplorable “Knee-Buckle-Gate” scene captured for the internet by a “random bystander.” There will be a 99.9% reduction of the possibility of random bystanders in any future Clinton Administration. More » • (520 views)

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Through High Rock Canyon

HRCthumpby James Ray Deaton7/5/16
My annual summertime boonie-bouncing Jeep trip into the more empty Western places found me on the Applegate Trail through High Rock Canyon in northwest Nevada. Most of an old pioneer road, the Applegate Trail, is still there pretty much as the pioneers traveled it in the 1800’s — remote and rocky More » • (1183 views)

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The Peasants Are Revolting

PeasantsPitchforksby James Ray Deaton4/10/16
They certainly are! It’s clear that old-guard elites of both parties fear freewheeling democracy and the inconvenient choices of the great unwashed masses. I mean, talk radio audience types and base voters of both political parties More » • (825 views)

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The Conscience of a Liberal

Conscienceby James Ray Deaton3/6/16
It’s really getting old to constantly see all these press conferences, articles, prepared statements, blog posts, tweets, twitters and tattles in which some Democrat/liberal/progressive spills his guts in a public cri de coeur about how he cannot in good faith support More » • (675 views)

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It’s All Too Common

AnnoDomini1by James Ray Deaton2/15/16
I was born A.D. (Anno Domini) 1956, but if the progressives have their way, I’m likely to die sometime in the Common Era (CE). Really, can’t liberals leave anything to do with Western life, tradition, culture and religion alone? More » • (1100 views)

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The Donald

Trump2by James Ray Deaton12/15/15
What is the driving psychology behind so many Republican politicians and conservative pundits hurling such extreme invective at Donald Trump?  It’s understandable when Democrats, the more-liberal and the less-liberal More » • (1681 views)

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A New World

by James Ray Deaton11/17/15

Westward the course of empire made its way
to the east and back again
A camp of saints greet with tender arm
the low bobbing rafts More » • (834 views)

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Driving Me Crazy

SelfDrivingCarby James Ray Deaton10/4/15
I like a good Jetsons episode as much as the next guy, but this whole (mostly left-wing) push for and fascination with self-driving cars and super-fast and super-expensive ($68 billion? $98 billion? $200 billion?) California bullet trains is troubling on many levels. More » • (860 views)

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The Screaming End

GeneVincentby James Ray Deaton8/31/15
Forty-four years ago this October Gene Vincent lost his race with rock ’n roll and the devil. October 12, 1971, talented and troubled Vincent Eugene Craddock, known as rock and roll’s original bad-boy Gene Vincent, fell and vomited blood in his parents’ trailer house in southern California. More » • (1284 views)

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Baby Angelia

AngelinaGraveby James Ray Deaton8/5/15
Way out west under Great Basin skies and high desert clouds on a recent road trip, I stumbled upon an example of the growing differences between the news of the day and old-time ways and values. More » • (1349 views)

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Regulation Nation

AirFilledChipsby James Ray Deaton6/19/15
Is that bag of potato chips you bought yesterday out of federal slack fill compliance? You needn’t read news about urban riots, celebrity sex changes, secret trade deals, grifty politicians or general all-round murder and mayhem to sense that our dear old republic has wandered off track. More » • (1293 views)

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