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BridgeCrossby Jake Thompson12/13/15
Everyone loves freedom. It just seems impossible, however, and many have lost faith in the concept. Feeling victimized by others, trapped in jobs, controlled in relationships, many actively seek escape. More » • (954 views)

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From The Inside

meth2by Jake Thompson11/13/15
Meth is corrosive. It attacks the material and immaterial, physical and spiritual, body and soul. It devours the user, the family, the town. It undermines seekers of justice, who dwell on laws, who examine voters’ pamphlets. More » • (631 views)

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A Day in a Fallen World

WaitingRoomJake Thompson10/8/15
The Hospital Waiting Room  •  It is no great secret to those who know sorrow that things change quickly. Today, things changed. When I called my wife back I heard a familiar panic. It was hard to understand her. She was trying to tell me something, something that couldn’t be true. Was true. More » • (1066 views)

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