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A Dangerous Game

GlobalDominationby Mr. Lesser (GHG)4/1/16
The left is playing a dangerous game. The objective is domination. The rules are there are no rules. The term “left” generally refers to liberal or socialist socio-economic philosophy and governance. More » • (794 views)

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Mr. Thielmann

MrThielmann2by Mr. Lesser (GHG)4/11/15
It was the 3rd Sunday in May of 1994. I remember that because in the traditional Lutheran Church, children are confirmed when they’re in the eighth grade and the ceremony is spread across the first three Sundays in May More » • (971 views)

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Seeds of Our Own Destruction

This is not an essay where I share my viewpoint. Rather, my intention is to elicit viewpoints from others. You see, I’m frustrated because I know things are not the way they should be but I can’t figure out how we got to this point. More » • (2591 views)

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The Perils of Mr. Public

by Mr. Lesser (GHG)3/16/15

Scene One.

It was a pleasant Saturday morning and Mr. Public was just sitting down to have a cup of coffee before getting started on his honey-do list when the doorbell rang. He opened the door to find two men wanting to speak with him. He had seen one of the men before but couldn’t remember where. Mr. Public invited them in but they declined, preferring to talk on the front porch. More » • (7427 views)

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