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FJ Rocca was born the day after Pearl Harbor in the same hometown as Johnny Appleseed. He is a trained classical musician, a published illustrator and a prolific writer of fiction and non-fiction. His website is

Welcome to Neo-Feudalism

by FJ Rocca9/3/16

It is only necessary to look around to see the living proof of the great value of capitalism. It’s a thing to ponder. The simple, naked truth is that without capitalism there can be no wealth. Every time something is exchanged More » • (824 views)

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The Leaden-Eyed Children of Education Reform

MoralStoriesby FJ Rocca9/20/15
There is a poem by Vachel Lindsay, called the Leaden-Eyed, which goes as follows: More » • (3201 views)

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What Have They Done To My Culture, Mom?

GrimmsFairyTalesby FJ Rocca9/20/15
I have an aversion to the remanufacture of classics. This includes television shows such as Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Once Upon a Time and Gotham. I was brought up in the era during which Washington Irving’s dual classics were taught in Jr. High School More » • (740 views)

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The Lie of Pro-Choice

Conceptionby FJ Rocca8/28/15
The euphemism chosen by promoters of abortion is “Pro Choice” implies the rational decision of one action over another. It does not consider the quality of the thing about which the choice is being made. The act of choice is essentially neutral. More » • (1169 views)

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The Wrong Headedness of Multiculturalism

MultiCultiThumbby FJ Rocca8/28/15
The misconception that America is multicultural is being touted by the Left and too easily bought by many as a magnanimous gesture to people who came from different cultures to the great Melting Pot of America, not to live in separate enclaves More » • (877 views)

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Recalling Eric Hoffer’s Wisdom

EricHofferby FJ Rocca8/26/15
Last May 21st marked the 32nd anniversary of the death of American philosophic icon, Eric Hoffer. Although his biography is somewhat murky, there are facts of which we can be certain. Eric Hoffer was a self-educated, deeply sentient observer of not only the American civilization but of mankind in general. More » • (987 views)

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Mercy Killing One Fifth of the American People

Abortion3by FJ Rocca8/25/15
Since Roe v. Wade took effect in 1973, almost 56 million abortions have been performed. The US population, at present, is approximately 319 million. In four decades, approximately one-fifth of the American population has been legally exterminated. The excuses given for abortion vary. More » • (1195 views)

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Classiness is Nice, but Not Essential in a President

PresidentialSealby FJ Rocca8/20/15
We live in a dangerous world. It seems to me it was a lot less dangerous during the Cold War, when the probability of nuclear war was in inverse ration to the possibility. The greater the weaponry, the possibility grew; but this reduced the prospect of ultimate world destruction to virtual impossibility. More » • (988 views)

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Is Soccer Un-American?

Soccerby FJ Rocca8/18/15
Personally, I don’t like soccer and never have. I find it colossally boring. Any sport that is decided by one goalie kicking against another goalie is silly. Why not just eliminate most of the other play and get directly to that part? More » • (730 views)

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A Government of Laws, Not Personalities

by FJ Rocca8/14/15

John Adams’s oft quoted phrase “a government of laws and not of men” was once taken for granted in the US. I grew up in the 40s and 50s when school children in the US were taught that it was a blessing to live in a nation founded by wise men who realized that a government of laws was stable, but a government of human beings, of personalities, was not. More » • (1137 views)

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The Republican Establishment has Abandoned Conservatives

GOP-Establishmentby FJ Rocca8/14/15
More than a dozen years ago, just after the attack of 9/11 2001, George W. Bush stood on a pile of rubble at Ground Zero with New York firefighters and promised that NEVER AGAIN would America’s enemies be attacked as we had that day. More » • (1516 views)

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Why Theocracies are Anti-Freedom

Theocracyby FJ Rocca8/10/15
The Dictionary defines a theocracy as a form of government in which civil law is defined by religious dictate. In a theocracy laws are administered by a priestly order of agents claiming a divine commission to rule in that deity’s name. Therein lies the defining problem with theocracy. More » • (754 views)

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