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Imagine No Heaven and Lots of War

War2by Enza Ferreri   1/20/15
It’s a common, but misconceived, idea that Western people have grown disillusioned with religion because of religious wars in the distant or — in the almost unique case of Northern Ireland — recent past. More » • (3681 views)

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Eric Garner: A Tragedy, but Not a Murder

by Enza Ferreri12/13/14

As the protest over his death has reached London, we can say that what happened to Eric Garner, whatever his faults, is certainly, tragically terrible. More » • (1584 views)

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The Tragedy of Replacing God with Unchecked Democracy

WesternCivilizationby Enza Ferreri   12/8/14
I’m not sure how conservative Americans will view the recently-published book Democracy as a Neocon Trick by Alexander Boot. More » • (677 views)

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1/4 Brits Want All Immigrants Sent Back

IslamizationBritainby Enza Ferreri   11/24/14
A new report, “How to talk about immigration”, contains some interesting statistics. It was published by British Future, that describes itself as “an independent, non-partisan thinktank engaging people’s hopes and fears about integration and migration More » • (1153 views)

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Black Pete, Symbol of Dutch Resistance against Invaders, Wins

BlackPeteby Enza Ferreri   11/20/14
Saturday, in the Dutch historical city of Gouda, the police arrested no fewer than 90 people, protesting both for and against the “Black Pete” blackface character appearing at a children’s party marking the beginning of the traditional pre-Christmas, gift-giving festival of Saint Nicholas. More » • (1085 views)

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Europe Is Rising against Islamisation

by Enza Ferreri11/2/14

Maybe the tide really is turning. More » • (848 views)

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Why We Care for Animals and Muslims Don’t

Dogby Enza Ferreri   10/25/14
Malay Muslims have discovered dogs:  •  KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 19 — A group of Muslims get acquainted with a dog at the ‘I want to touch a dog’ event at 1Utama’s central park earlier this morning. More » • (1210 views)

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Biggest Scientific Study Suggests Life after Death

LifeAfterDeathby Enza Ferreri   10/14/14
“First hint of ‘life after death’ in biggest ever scientific study”, headlines The Telegraph, going on to say: “Southampton University scientists have found evidence that awareness can continue for at least several minutes after clinical death which was previously thought impossible”. More » • (1066 views)

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Socialist Destruction Starts with Littering

by Enza Ferreri9/28/14

Today I drove past a small demonstration in front of the University College London in Gower Street. More » • (1093 views)

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When Progressives Consider Child-Rape Defensible

ChildRapeby Enza Ferreri   9/24/14
The umpteenth case of child sex abuse in Britain perpetrated by Muslims, the Rotherham abuse, has understandably left the self-proclaimed “progressives” and multiculturalists in disarray. The Leftist media outlets are on the defensive but still trying to maintain their ground. More » • (1473 views)

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Media Are Vectors of Atheist Propaganda

Atheismby Enza Ferreri   9/23/14
The atheism that is currently prevailing in Western Europe has not been a naturally occurring development in the mind of large numbers of people. More » • (1029 views)

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Calls for Ending Unfairness to the English

by Enza Ferreri   9/19/14

Before the referendum on Scottish independence and in order to keep the United Kingdom from disintegrating, the leaders of the three main British parties – David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband – made generous promises in return for the Scottish people to vote No to breaking away from the Union. More » • (1848 views)

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