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Prisoner of Treason

by Gibblet11/12/16

Icy prison of deep cold blue.
An army of one: abandoned and alone.
Freedom’s voice is raised in vain and dies
waiting for an echo which never returns. More » • (548 views)

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Fitzhugh Sound

by Gibblet10/18/16

O’er mirrored pond of Fitzhugh Sound,
from Ketchikan, we’re southern bound
Twin Hinos, humming loud their song
to make 10 knots, push us along More » • (719 views)

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A Poem to the People of America

by Gibblet10/14/16

What do you do when your boat’s goin’ down?
You turn to God, and pray
What do you do when the enemy surrounds?
You turn to God, and pray More » • (522 views)

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A Garden Is Always Changing

by Gibblet10/4/16

“You make me realize, Gibbett, that it isn’t truly a garden unless it’s a garden-in-progress. A garden is always changing.” — Brad Nelson

There was a song we sang in high school choir, “The River”. It had a haunting legato that brought to mind Washington’s Mighty Columbia River. The lyrics went something like, “Rushing onward, yet ever the same. Reaching outward, yet still to remain constant.” More » • (876 views)

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Ode To The Giant Pumpkin

by Gibblet

it was sure to be humongous
the biggest ever grown
that giant pumpkin nursing
upon the fertile loam More » • (524 views)

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I Did It Brad’s Way

by Gibblet

There were times, I’m sure you knew,
“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.
I’ll make a brand new start of it!” More » • (346 views)

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the hummingbird

by Gibblet

a chirp, and then a zip I hear
and from my muddy knees I stir
to see it hovering in mid air
a winged rainbow hanging there More » • (280 views)

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The Ticket

by Gibblet

My journey’s ticket, I received
Though, feign despair, the earth to leave
It’s tainted soil, home, alas
And crooked ways, a known repast More » • (341 views)

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New Submission Rules

by the Editor7/26/16

New submission rules for this site: More » • (1921 views)

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Writings Published in Wall Street Journal 1971–1979

by Ramona Demery7/12/16

These verse samples were published in Pepper. . . and Salt in the Wall Street Journal from 1971 through late 1979. Many were also published in the Saturday Evening Post, Arizona Highways and other magazines and newspapers. More » • (399 views)

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My Savior

by Ramona Demery7/6/16

He is bread,
Filling the void in my innermost being,
Easing the emptiness of that other hunger. More » • (857 views)

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Fixing the Hole in the Boat

HoleInBoatA StubbornThings Symposium1/26/16
Latest: Patching the Leaks by Timothy Lane  •  Introduction  •  This symposium (open to one and all…just send in your thoughtful contributions) is about what it will take to fix what the Left has broken. And that’s making the very large assumption that fixing is still possible. More » • (1626 views)

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