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I have spent my life teaching young people how to read and write and appreciate the wonder of words. I have worked with high school students and currently teach writing at Pacific Bible College in southern Oregon. I have spent more than forty years studying the Bible, theology, and apologetics and that finds its way into my writing whether I'm blogging about my experiences or my opinions. I have two and a half moldering novels, stacks of essays, hundreds of poems, some which have won state and national prizes. All that writing -- and more keeps popping up -- needs a home with a big plate glass window; it needs air; it needs a conversation. I am also an artist who works with cloth, yarn, beads, gourds, polymer clay, paint, and photography. And I make soap.

In the Fullness of Time

FullnessOfTimeby Deana Chadwell    5/15/14
These days the onslaught of news stories feels like we’ve been caught in the midst of an out-of-control fireworks show – rockets and cherry bombs and roman candles going off every which way, and in such quick succession they seem almost simultaneous. More » • (994 views)

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Rightwing Rules of Engagement

ReaganThumbby Deana Chadwell    4/26/14
It’s true that, at this point in American history, our future looks bleak; the media is backing an unconstitutional president, the moral fiber of the nation has gone slack, and the economy does not look hopeful. Yet, the tide just might be turning. More » • (1879 views)

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This Is Not About Eggs

NotEggsby Deana Chadwell    4/19/14
On a Friday morning 1,984 years ago, on an escarpment known as Golgotha – the Place of the Skull, Roman soldiers drove huge iron nails through the wrists and ankles of Jesus of Nazareth, affixing him to a wooden cross, and then they hefted it upright between two thieves also being crucified that morning. More » • (4193 views)

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At the Core – Human Nature vs. the Test

CommonCoreby Deana Chadwell    4/13/14
Common Core – the phrase sets off a mental picture of a multitude of hungry mouths all trying to nibble off of a shriveled apple, nothing much left but cellulose and seeds. Unfortunately, that’s an apt description. More » • (1590 views)

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Lessons Learned from a Baby

LessonsLearnedby Deana Chadwell    4/12/14
Twelve years ago our third grandson was born and then, 18 days later, died. It was not a shock that Conner left so soon; we had known for several months that he was beyond fragile, but what we didn’t know is all that he would teach us in such a short time. More » • (1874 views)

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Changing the World

ChangeTheWorldby Deana Chadwell    4/5/14
Recently I wrote a piece about how Darwinian evolution has affected our society and one of the points I made was that the constant deference given to blind, purposeless change — change for change’s sake. More » • (2567 views)

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Darwin’s Damage

Darwinby Deana Chadwell    3/28/14
Deep in the back rooms of our brains lurk the basal assumptions that we all function on – operating systems of sorts that set the parameters of our philosophies, our politics, our religious beliefs. More » • (2829 views)

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Truth or Dare and the Great Divide

Truthby Deana Chadwell    3/22/14
Recall Obama daring to tell O’Reilly that the IRS harbors not a “smidgen of corruption.” Or picture him saying, over and over, “You can keep your plan.” Now hold that thought as you read. More » • (2513 views)

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Ragtime and the Seven Branches

Ragtiimeby Deana Chadwell    3/7/14
Just after Christmas of 1998 I was in New York with drama students to see plays. One of the best shows we saw that trip was Ragtime. I’ll never forget the opening scene – three groups of people swirling toward each other – the blacks, the upper class whites, and the immigrants. More » • (1763 views)

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Going Somewhere Dangerous

GoingSomewhereby Deana Chadwell    2/28/14
In a little over 200 days we’ll be knee deep in what is quite likely the most important midterm election in United States history. If the makeup of the Senate doesn’t move decisively and dramatically to the right we may have lost everything this country has ever been. More » • (1786 views)

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Job-lock and the Desperate Spin

JobLockby Deana Chadwell    2/21/14
I am so grateful to Obama and Pelosi and Reid. They have, with the passage of only one law, returned us to the Garden of Eden. For over 6,000 years of world history human beings have struggled to survive, working our selves to disease and death, trading our little time on this earth just for enough food to live to work another day. More » • (1512 views)

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Thinking 101

Thinking101by Deana Chadwell    2/15/14
In the early 60’s John McCormick would stand in front of my literature class, his long, boney fingers tented in front of him, his head bowed in thought. Then he’d lift his gaze, look around the class and begin that day’s discussion about the nature of man. More » • (3624 views)

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