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Movie Review: Christine (2016)

by David Norris2/6/19
This film is not the Steven King movie based on one of his novels. This is a horror story of another kind. I would call it a cautionary tale about a victim of ideological possession. This movie caught me completely off-guard. More » • (288 views)

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The Magic Summer

by David Norris8/2/17

It was a sunny summer day and the children were playing in the field. In the distance they saw an old man with a cane, struggling to walk in the noon day heat. More » • (296 views)

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TV Series Review: Salem

by David Norris4/2/17
If you want to see how Marxism and Satanism are kissing cousins, then “Salem” is the show for you.  In all honesty though, I cannot recommend that anyone ever watch this program. More » • (1796 views)

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Book Review: The Death of Reality

deathofrealityby David Norris10/6/16
by Lawrence Dawson (2015 edition)  •  This is an important book.  If one wants to delve into the roots of political correctness, the perversion of language, and the poisoning of perceptions of reality, then read what the author reveals about a little known Austrian ‘philosopher’ and academic named Ludwig Wittgenstein. More » • (1391 views)

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The Devil is in the Details…of the Left

by David Norris4/6/16

Garth Kant’s recent article from World Net Daily (WND) about Michael Walsh’s new book is a fascinating introduction to yet another intelligent voice in the opposition to modern Marxism (progressivism) and its war against the United States and the West. More »


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TV Series Review: Daredevil

Daredevilby David Norris3/28/16
Daredevil  –  Superhero for a progressive audience?  Throughout this series the elite are occasionally glimpsed at high end parties, untouched by the unpleasantness of the street, where a diverse and multi-cultural cast reside in the second season of this Marvel series. More » • (1066 views)

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Europe Falling

MuslimInvaders2by David Norris11/16/15
Now in the sites of progressives: the U.S.A.  •  First delivery of 10,000 “refugees” has arrived in New Orleans! Let’s call what is being forced on the American public, by its real names….Balkanization, ethnic cleansing, and cultural Marxism. More » • (1403 views)

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TV Series Review: Narcos

Narcosby David Norris8/29/15
This superbly produced Netflix series is part crime drama, part history lesson, and is definitely worth watching. I didn’t have a lot of background about the Columbian drug cartels going into this, but much of the ‘headlines’ from the 1980’s came popping back into my head as the story unfolded. More » • (1603 views)

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Non-PC Speech Not on the List

NotAuthenticallyBlackby David Norris6/15/15
For years I posted essays, ideas, responses to a variety of posts on Craigslist. I thought it was a good way to get in touch with what masses of people thought or felt about any particular issue. More » • (1200 views)

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Why Do We Lie?

CrossedFingersby David Norris5/19/15
Lincoln was fond of asking, “If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?” “Five!”, his audience would invariably respond. “The correct answer”, he would point out, “is four; calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg, calling lies truth doesn’t make them truth.” More » • (1627 views)

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