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The Truth About White Flight

WhiteFlightby Dana R. Casey8/10/15
I watched it happen. It started when I was seven years old. Then I watched it happen again, 47 years later. I saw Baltimore burn from my bedroom window in 1968. As a child, I lived in a Baltimore row-house neighborhood made up of working- and middle-class families. More » • (1317 views)

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Coming Out of the Conservative Closet

OutOfClosetby Dana R. Casey8/10/15
In the late 1970s, I went to an experimental high school. Most of the students were some form of nature-loving hippie. Not the raw, shocking, and rude kind of the true hippie era, more of the granola-eating, yogurt-making, calico-and-work-boot-wearing kind, but still dabbling in some risky sex and drugs. More » • (982 views)

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A Nation of Enablers

BookEducationby Dana R. Casey7/26/15
For a period of time I worked for a Catholic high school whose mission was to help urban students who wanted to graduate from college. I was thrilled by the chance to work at such a school. More » • (1818 views)

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Empty Promises to Urban Students

BookEducationby Dana R. Casey7/14/15
A young man whom I have taught in tenth grade and now twelfth was chatting with some friends before senior English class. I overheard him say, “I haven’t decided on Princeton or Harvard.”  I choked on my water. More » • (1256 views)

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