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Who Will Remain Brussel’s Sprouts?

by Cato6/27/16

Think back about 26 years to the moment you first realized the USSR had just evaporated. No shots fired. No riots; no coups; no tanks rolling through Prague and Budapest. It just ceased to exist. Guards along borders with Kalashnikovs who yesterday shot to kill walked away. People with sledge hammers pounded the Berlin Wall into souvenirs. More » • (629 views)

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The Mount Rushmore Rule

by Cato6/21/15

The replacement of Hamilton on the $10 note takes another lame progressive turn. There’s a move afoot to have SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg chosen for this honor. More » • (1016 views)

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You Mean It Doesn’t Always Go Up????

by Cato6/21/15

world-indexes-in-2015 More » • (661 views)

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by Cato5/4/15

world More » • (685 views)

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For All We Know, “There Be Dragons”

FinancialCollapse2by Cato   4/27/15
Ron Paul, John Hussman, David Stockman, and many other doomsday forecasters have one thing in common.  They are all focused on the financial architecture of the world in 2015.  They believe the financial structure cannot endure in its present form More » • (1198 views)

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Quantitative Easing with a Chinese Face

yuan_20_f2by Cato   4/20/15
There’s no lack of invention in finance.  In fact, while accounting is a library’s worth of rules for writing down what happened yesterday, finance is by definition an exercise in creating what will happen tomorrow. More » • (830 views)

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The Unavoidable Structural Failure of QE and ZIRP

WashingtonDollarPortraitby Cato   4/10/15
The structural failure inherent in Quantitative Easing (QE) and Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) programs is obvious when one realizes that the goal of both programs is to weaken the currency, while a currency being so assaulted is a deterrent to productive foreign and domestic private market investment. More » • (892 views)

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GreekEconomyby Cato   3/13/15
I’m giving a short (four session, 6 hour) seminar this month on assorted financial topics.  The venue is the SAIL program at Collin College in my home town of Plano, Texas.  The topics to be discussed are chosen by the participants, from whom I’ve elicited questions and comments. More » • (1533 views)

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Federal Debt

FederalDebtby Cato   12/2/14
“Debt held by the public” in the graphic below is Treasury bills, notes and bonds. “Intergovernmental holdings” are special bonds, the debt of the federal government to (so-called) independent agencies, the largest of which is the Social Security Administration. More » • (1233 views)

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The Wisdom of SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts

JohnRobertsby Cato   11/20/14
This post gets to the core of the ObamaCare subsidy question currently before the SCOTUS.  I wrote several times in the first SCOTUS go-round on the mandate about Roberts’ decision More » • (2142 views)

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Cyber-Utopian or Cyber-Feudalism?

by Cato  11/13/14

60 years later, Micro Center is giving away 16GB thumb drives as freebies. 60 years from now, 100TB wireless ‘enhancers’ the size of grains of sand implanted directly into the brain? No doubt. Will it be a means of individual mental empowerment or of perfect, irresistible control? More » • (2537 views)

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Yen As Wakizashi

Yenby Cato   11/2/14
The central government in Japan borrows ¥40 of every ¥100 it spends.  Sovereign debt now equals 260% of ¥GDP.  Total debt, including corporate and individual debt, exceeds 600% of ¥GDP.  Japan is demographically the oldest and least fertile nation on the planet. More » • (1534 views)

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