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Time Will Vindicate Ted Cruz

by C. Edmund Wright7/22/16

The fullness of time will vindicate Ted Cruz’s actions at the National Convention this week, and as a bonus, the reaction has exposed that Donald Trump has indeed jumped in between the sheets with the Republican Establishment.  On the second point, let’s not quibble over who seduced whom. More » • (1163 views)

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It is Time for Trump to Unify the Party

by C. Edmund Wright5/31/16

Donald Trump might have written The Art of the Deal, but the title he should peruse today is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. His more vocal supporters, and by that I mean those who act out on the internet precisely as Donald does on the stump, should pick up a copy as well. More » • (594 views)

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Trump Supporters Need to be Held Accountable

by C. Edmund Wright5/6/16

Enough with the sore winners pity party already. I and many other columnists, commentators, and speakers have been accused of being a sore loser a few thousand times on this and other sites — and for the sake of argument I’ll admit those charges might have merit. More » • (897 views)

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Get Over What About Trump?

by C. Edmund Wright5/5/16

Now we’re told at this early date to “get over it.” We being those conservatives who aggressively opposed Donald Trump, of course. More » • (643 views)

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Trump and Supporters Insult Our Intelligence

by C. Edmund Wright5/4/16

I am not #NeverTrump, but I’m getting close… thanks to Donald Trump and his supporters. More » • (904 views)

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Coulter v. Coulter

AnnCoulterThumbby C. Edmund Wright4/5/16
You might say I was for Ann Coulter before I was against her. Or maybe that Coulter was for conservatism before she was against it, or before she was for Northeastern moderates Chris Christie, or Mitt Romney More » • (1860 views)

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Trump’s Irrational Trade Non Sequitur

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright4/5/16
Donald J. Trump is rich and therefore is a macroeconomic genius and Jedi mind trick negotiator who always wins. So we are told by his legions of anonymous prolific keyboard cowboys on the internet and a lot of talk show hosts who formerly understood economics. More » • (1447 views)

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Jobs Americans Won’t Trump

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright2/29/16
You just can’t make this stuff up. It is beyond ironic and hysterical to boot. I’ll get to why in a moment. First the what: Donald J. Trump, aka Mr. Build The Wall — Mr. Deport Them All — Mr. Make America Great Again — is under this crazy impression that there are certain types of jobs that Americans won’t do. More » • (1142 views)

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Code Trump

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright   2/15/16
The Gallop Leftward Continues • Donald Trump is now officially the Code Pink Republican. Or maybe he’s the Daily Kos or Huffington Post Republican. How about the Debbie Wasserman Schultz Republican? More » • (920 views)

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Socialists Sweep New Hampshire

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright   2/10/16
Shortly after Barack Obama swept into the White House while giving Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid a coattail Marxist Congress, Newsweek Magazine ran the cover “We’re all Socialists now,” based on Jon Meacham’s lead article with the same headline. More » • (1320 views)

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The Tweet Heard ‘Round the World

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright   2/5/16
The contrived furor over the Cruz Campaign tweet relaying a CNN Breaking News alert about Ben Carson is perhaps the intellectually unserious low point in all of Republican primary history. More » • (1031 views)

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Trump Goes Full McConnell on Cruz

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright   1/21/16
Donald Trump is doubling down again — but this time, his tactic might just backfire. You see, this time, in his attacks on Ted Cruz,Trump is doubling down from the left, and from the establishment position. In short, he’s gone full McConnell on Cruz. More » • (754 views)

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