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Education Reform: Italian Group Shows Americans How It’s Done

RottenAppleby Bruce Price1/16/16
Here are two harsh realities about American education.  K-12 schools are mired in mediocrity.  Second, the Education Establishment and the high-level people who should be improving the schools seem indifferent to academic improvement. More » • (1000 views)

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Memo to Sean Hannity: Are Liberals Running Your Site?

Hannityby Bruce Price  12/13/13
The only reason I went to was to send a message to Hannity that he needs to do more on education. Please. More » • (1196 views)

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Public Schools Are Worse Than Most People Believe

RottenAppleby Bruce Price  12/13/13
In all the comments I see left on articles about education, two themes dominate. The first is, average Americans have no idea how bad the public schools are. The Education Establishment has done a brilliant job at propaganda and deception. More » • (1766 views)

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A New Role for Mensa in Education

Mensaby Bruce Price   12/12/13
Mensa is of course focused on intelligence. One of Mensa’s official goals is to “recognize and highlight the latest and best research into all aspects of intelligence and giftedness.” Scholarships for the gifted are a constant theme. More » • (1171 views)

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The Lysenko School of Education & Propaganda

Lysenkoby Bruce Price   12/12/13
In mid-20th-century, the Communist Party wanted to believe that the environment could alter a species. The political payoff would be that Russia’s Communists could grow more wheat and create a New Socialist Man in a generation or two. More » • (884 views)

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Church of Knowledge vs Church of Indoctrination

MarxistEdby Bruce Price   12/12/13
Many people, confronting the mediocrity and malaise of the public schools, are dumbfounded. Why have things gotten so bad? As long ago as 1983, a government report said that our schools seem to have been designed by a hostile foreign power. More » • (1161 views)

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The Double Scandal of Dropouts

Dropoutsby Bruce Price   12/12/13
The Virginian-Pilot (the newspaper in Norfolk, Va.) recently ran a report on the dropout problem: “Program tries to put 9th-graders back on track.” More » • (1069 views)

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The Great Equalizer?

HoraceMannby Bruce Price   12/12/13
More than 150 years ago, Horace Mann fervently hailed education as “the great equalizer in the conditions of men.” More » • (1130 views)

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Education: Land of the Giant Bimbos

Bimboby Bruce Price   12/12/13
In researching why American public schools sank into mediocrity, I’ve read 60+ books and hundreds of articles. The writers often describe juicy conversations and revealing scenes, as quick ways to illustrate what happened to public education. More » • (896 views)

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There Are All Types of Lobotomies

Lobotomyby Bruce Price   12/12/13
This is a story about mad scientists. A true story. In 1932, the Education Establishment forced a new, unproven reading method on American public schools (the method was known at the time as Look-say). The results were disastrous. More » • (2558 views)

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How Schools Hold Children Down

Gulliverby Bruce Price   12/11/13
Behold the mighty Gulliver, in the prime of his life held down by a few dozen strands. This has always been an arresting image. It seems paradoxical that such little ropes could restrain this gigantic creature. But let’s imagine that instead of rope tied to pegs, we use piano wire secured to metal beams. More » • (920 views)

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How One Person Can Change the World

JerrolLeBaronby Bruce Price   12/10/13
Here’s the story of a man who decided: “This needs doing, and I’m doing it.” All too often, Congress (and the states) vote on bills that no one has read. Most infamously, Obama’s healthcare bill was 2400 pages long and we still don’t know what it says. More » • (1456 views)

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