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I like books, nature, politics, old movies, Ronald Reagan (you get sort of a three-fer with that one), and the founding ideals of this country. We are the Shining City on the Hill — or ought to be. However, our land has been poisoned by Utopian aspirations and feel-good bromides. Both have replaced wisdom and facts.

Homosexuals Provoke Their Own Mass-Murder

by Brad Nelson6/12/16

Just as Trump has been blamed for provoking the violence of Leftist rent-a-mobs, so the homosexuals are responsible for provoking Islam. Homosexuals should therefore disband because their presence is offensive to advocates of the Religion of Peace. More » • (854 views)

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Bill’s Case

by Brad Nelson6/9/16

The day before yesterday my 85-year-old mother fell and broke her hip. She’s likely in surgery for a partial-hip-replacement even as we speak. Your well-wishes are assumed. Gaining sympathy is not the point of this post. More » • (559 views)

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Review: Astro Tab A10

by Brad Nelson5/28/16

A couple of days ago my Acer A500 10” Android tablet died. I tried all the tricks I could find online to revive it but it remained stuck at the boot screen. You could power it on or off and get past the Acer logo screen to the Android boot screen which even animated the logo as usual to show that something must be happening. More » • (3103 views)

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Movie Review: The Big Short

TheBigShortby Brad Nelson5/23/16
This is a movie that attempts to tell the story of the housing boom-and-bust in an entertaining and informative way. Remarkably, it mostly succeeds. More » • (900 views)

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Movie Review: Spotlight (2015)

Spotlightby Brad Nelson5/21/16
It’s a toss-up who I will offend most in this review, Catholics or the Pink Mafia. This movie must be reviewed in two parts. One part is the cinematic aspect. The other is the political aspect. Neither is stellar nor particularly deep. More » • (617 views)

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Politically Incorrect

by Brad Nelson5/17/16

We need a lesson in political incorrectness, because it’s not coming from Donald Trump. Being a loudmouth jerk is not the same thing as refuting the Left. As Dennis Prager notes: More » • (544 views)

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Hey, they’re French

by Brad Nelson5/15/16

I was watching yet another awful French movie the other day. (There is something decidedly wrong with the French.) But it is often in foreign films that you can find something worth watching outside of the Hollywood cesspool of unoriginality and juvenile tastes. One takes one’s chances in doing so though. More » • (872 views)

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The Three Horsemen of the Crapocolypse

by Brad Nelson5/9/16

The disarray in the Republican Party has been coming for a long time. Not only has the party distanced itself from its own ideology (preferring to follow the trends of the culture rather than setting its own trends), the very ideology of Republicanism has been lost and forgotten except for surface-level rhetoric. More » • (528 views)

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The Way of the Dodo

by Brad Nelson5/7/16

Mankind is destined to be ruled, his relatively short flirtation with self-government going the way of the Dodo, and for similar reasons: We have become a flightless, dull thing, our survival abilities eroded by being isolated — not on the island of Mauritus but on the island of dependency. More » • (488 views)

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Review: Nikon D3300

by Brad Nelson5/1/16

This will be a synopsis “trust me” review. There are many good reviews of the D3300 on the web (which generally put it at the top of the list for starter DSLRs) and I suggest you search some of them out before spending hundreds of dollars on a camera. In my review, I’m not going to go into every geek detail except the ones that I think are relevant for a rich overview. More » • (1503 views)

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Trump is Not What I Expected

by Brad Nelson4/4/16

One of the premises I had regarding Donald Trump in the early going was that of “a diamond in the rough.” Going into this election season, I knew very little about the man. I don’t read People magazine, I don’t watch MS-NBC, and I’ve never watched The Apprentice. More » • (820 views)

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Blinking Cruz

TedCruz2by Brad Nelson3/13/16
Clarice Feldman gives a rather scathing reproach to Cruz, probably deserved, regarding his weak wobble words of non-defense of freedom regarding the mob’s shutting down of a Trump rally in Chicago. Cruz instead found a way to take a narrow and cheap shot at Trump: More » • (1663 views)

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