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I like books, nature, politics, old movies, Ronald Reagan (you get sort of a three-fer with that one), and the founding ideals of this country. We are the Shining City on the Hill — or ought to be. However, our land has been poisoned by Utopian aspirations and feel-good bromides. Both have replaced wisdom and facts.

Symposium Ideas

by Brad Nelson8/22/15

The last symposium on The Ten Commandments I would say was a success and the best thing we’ve done yet. Someone mentioned we should make an ebook out of it. That’s fine by me if we get everyone’s permission. But easier said than done. Easy to announce projects, much harder to carry them out. More » • (2056 views)

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Hobbitonby Brad Nelson8/20/15
Everyone wants to be a Hobbit. No one wants to be a Ranger  •  Conservatives don’t tend to be the touch-feely, artsy-fartsy types. They tend to be serious people (but with a healthy sense of humor). They are more likely to own a gun than a water pipe. More » • (1235 views)

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The Track of State

ChooChooTrainby Brad Nelson8/15/15
I argue the train-track theory of politics. You might like a more modern-looking engine or an old-style caboose. You might want the train to run faster or slower. You might want a diesel-electric train or a coal-powered one. But one thing is for sure: that train isn’t moving off of the track. More » • (981 views)

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That “Vision-Thing”

Trumpby Brad Nelson8/13/15
If Trump continues to do well in the polls, it will be interesting to see if he works the Obama phenomenon. And that’s not a put-down of Trump. Establishment Republicans are useless. If I put down Trump, it is not to defend those boobs. More » • (1043 views)

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GOP Debate #1

by Brad Nelson8/6/15

The discussion starts here! More » • (4373 views)

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Re-fighting the Civil War

by Brad Nelson8/1/15

American Thinker has what I think is a bizarre article: Lincoln vs. Lee: How History is Distorted to Preserve Legends. I’m all for free speech. But is it doing a service to readers to legitimize Lincoln Fever? More » • (2472 views)

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Betty Crocker Rag

RonNby Brad Nelson7/27/15
My brother was in the office the other day and he debuted the lyrics to a song that he thought I’d like. And I did. I didn’t hear the tune yet (until just now), but I thought it was one of the best things he’d written. He gave me permission to share it here. More » • (1387 views)

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Second Anniversary

by Brad Nelson7/26/15

The end of this July marks the second anniversary of the site. I’ll skip the summary. You’ve been here. You know who we are and what we’ve done (however little or how much). I just wanted to give some feedback on what I think are the goals for this site — goals that you are free to ignore. More » • (1911 views)

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The Game of Lifeboat

by Brad Nelson7/7/15

Mark Tooley has been gracious enough to allow us to post several of his articles here. I thank him for that. More » • (2288 views)

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Happy Dependence Day

OldFlagby Brad Nelson7/3/15
Your republic has grown up and become a “social democracy.” We have clowns to the left. Jokers to the right. If you don’t go with the flow of the latest absurdity you are a “hater.” George Orwell would very much recognize the place. More » • (1344 views)

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Thump It

BibleThumperby Brad Nelson6/30/15
One thing I think is true is that most Christians are babes in the woods regarding homosexual marriage and the various other Leftist initiatives. They, unlike Obama, are weak in regards to making the moral argument. More » • (1648 views)

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Children are Lost without Men

by Brad Nelson6/24/15

This is my conclusion after a multi-million dollar scientific study. If you try to raise children without a father, even if the mother is good and well-meaning, you’re setting the table for disaster. More » • (1561 views)

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