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Lefties for Trump?

by Bill Kassel6/6/16

If I were of a more conspiratorial turn of mind, I might suspect that agents of Donald Trump are secretly hiring illegal aliens to foment violent demonstrations like the one witnessed in San Jose, California last week. More » • (632 views)

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The Netanyahu Prophesy

Netanyahuby Bill Kassel3/5/15
Do the Prime Minister’s Words Portend a Grim Future?  •  I once had a neighbor who was an Ethiopian princess. Belonging to the Makonnen royal family, she was a relative of the late Haile Selassie, emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974. More » • (1382 views)

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The Faith of Atheists

Atheismby Bill Kassel   7/28/14
My parents’ marriage was mixed, religiously, and while neither was active in their faith, the differences were a source of conflict. Their solution: negligible church participation. More » • (3414 views)

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The True Nature of Islam

Islamby Bill Kassel   7/9/14
What is the true nature of Islam — peaceful, or warlike? That’s a reasonable question which has been asked many times in the years since 9/11, though I don’t think it’s been decisively answered. More » • (3196 views)

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Human Nature on Campus

Veritasby Bill Kassel   3/2/14
Is there an essential conflict between freedom and justice?  •  It’s always gratifying to see someone on the left openly acknowledge how Progressives really feel about freedom. More » • (1789 views)

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