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Movie Review — Exodus: Gods and Kings

ExodusBaleby Avi Davis   12/30/14
(Or how heavy eyeliner and even heavier British accents invaded ancient Egypt.)  •  One has to marvel at the current Hollywood penchant for repeatedly mining the Bible for its entertainment value. More » • (1737 views)

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Israel’s National Identity Problem

IsraeliFlagby Avi Davis   12/6/14
News has arrived that the Netanyahu Government coalition, less than 20 months old, is fragmenting due, among other things, to tensions over the potential passage of a new bill before the Knesset. More » • (1918 views)

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Neil Young Still Trips Down that Ol’ Hippie Highway

NeilYoungby Avi Davis   12/3/14
I have to admit that being a Neil Young fan has its challenges.  Yes, there is lots of new music to listen to (eight albums, including live releases, in the past four years); plenty to read (two auto-biographies in the same time period) and even some new audio hardware More » • (1803 views)

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Must Everybody Now Get Stoned?

Potby Avi Davis   12/3/14
Three years ago my sons and I, returning from a rafting trip in Oregon, were driving the Redwood Highway through Northern California when we passed the entrance to a field with a banner which read The Kate Wolf Music Festival. More » • (1413 views)

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Book Review: America in Retreat

AmericaInRetreatby Avi Davis   12/3/14
America in Retreat: the New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder by Bret Stephens  •  What would the world look like if America stopped investing its diplomatic and military resources in the troubled areas of the globe? More » • (2528 views)

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Paul Krugman’s Indefensible Defense of Barack Obama

Krugmanby Avi Davis   10/24/14
Readers of Rolling Stone Magazine have long known what to expect from the bi-weekly’s acidulous commentaries: anarchist screeds from the rather unbalanced Matt Taibbi; thinly researched and often specious investigative pieces from Tim Dickinson; More » • (1214 views)

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The West and National Identity

ScottishFlagby Avi Davis   7/22/14
On Friday morning the Scottish people must felt like the failed suicide who awakes in hospital the next day and wonders to himself: “Now why in the hell did I do a stupid thing like that?” More » • (737 views)

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Can You Tell Who the Bad Guys Are Now?

Terroristby Avi Davis   8/20/14
You would have thought that Barack Obama and David Cameron, the nominal leaders of the free world, would have had it all figured out by now. More » • (829 views)

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The University and the Collapse of Teaching Standards

BookEducationby Avi Davis   8/13/14
Picture this: An attractive young woman at a job interview — well tailored, with an engaging smile and an extensive resume. She has graduated summa cum laude from Vassar, has earned four degrees — one of them a law degree from Boalt Law School. More » • (1450 views)

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How the Brits Learned to Love Barbarism

DhimmiEuropeby Avi Davis   8/13/14
Spare a kind thought for those sensitive souls in the editorial department at the Times of London. On Aug. 5 the newspaper rejected a full-page ad from author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel decrying Hamas’ reversion to child sacrifice in its war with Israel. More » • (1717 views)

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The Next War on Israel’s Horizon

IsraelAtWarby Avi Davis   8/13/14
As Operation Protective Edge winds down, there is growing speculation about the next and far more serious military threat that the country may be forced to confront. On its northern border with Lebanon, the Israeli army is faced with the daunting prospect of More » • (951 views)

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The Ebola-like Plague of Anti-Semitism Sweeping the West

Judeby Avi Davis   8/10/14
My parents, who have lived in Jerusalem for 22 years, recently met their new neighbors. They are French Jews from Paris who describe themselves as refugees. ” We came to the conclusion that there was simply no future for us in France. More » • (943 views)

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