Attention Potential Racial Social Justice Warriors and/or Shoppers

by Glenn Fairman10/4/16

Short on cash for the upcoming holidays? BLM will see to it that you get those Jordans, laptops, and stocking stuffers without having to lay into your budgeted blunt and gin money. When the inevitable happens, and some Ebony Einstein with a replica Glock draws down on a Cop, all your dreams will be answered. Just wait until dark and wear a bandana like Jesse James. You can even bring your kids and pretend you’re the second coming of Rosa Parks. Instead of taking a bullet through the head like you would back in the Motherland, you can unleash your indignation and maybe take out some cracker whose great-great grandfather must have owned a whole passel of negroes. Make shopping a socially conscious act again.

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca.
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Glenn Fairman

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2 Responses to Attention Potential Racial Social Justice Warriors and/or Shoppers

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Very vicious satire. Or can it be satire when it’s so accurate?

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Top Ten Slogans for Black Lives Matter

    10) Reach out and Molotov someone

    9) White Guilt – the gift that keeps on giving

    8) Mother ___ing mother ____er

    7) A trash bag for loot — don’t leave the ghetto without it

    6) We’re not pillagers, we’re community organizers

    5) It’s not looting. It’s a form of protest. (BLM Yale leader, DeRay McKesson)

    4) It’s not rioting. It’s “Transformational Leadership” (ibid.)

    3) Whitey gonna bleed

    2) Whitey gonna bleed real good

    And the #1 slogan for Black Lives Matter:

    1) Hooliganism is a civil right

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