An Angry Dad’s Reaction to Dr. Gruber

Gruberby C. Edmund Wright   12/11/14
If you know what’s good for you Jonathon Gruber, you’ll stay the hell away from me.  Why? Because you have done the unpardonable in the eyes of any father – you have brought havoc unto the finances of my youngest daughter – and her newlywed husband.

You see, Dr. Gruber, what you did not only harmed millions of Americans – many of them young – you did so based on arrogance. This is you on all of those videos – glibly counting your fellow citizens as fodder for your tortured contrivances that will ruin, or end, their lives in many cases – without any remorse or perspective whatsoever. This is a damnable quality held by many who hang out in the faculty lounge.  And you are obviously eaten up with it.

As an MIT professor, it is your place to do so, and our place as unfortunate rubes to just deal with it.

This faux superiority is obviously what was rolling around in your head as you made  statements about the “stupidity” of the voters and the “lack of transparency” being a plus – not to mention the need to lie about the loss of coverage options and doctors.  These were no accidents. As Trey Gowdy pointed out in the Issa Committee hearing, you said such things over and over again.  As Darrell Issa added, these statements were apparently popular with your audiences as well.

I submit that you’re detestable with no business whatsoever making grand plans for your planned utopian society. And yet, due to many flaws in our political system – some escalated in just the past six years – you can and you do. These plans never work, and yet, you are paid grotesque sums of money to dream them up.

As you told the Committee Tuesday – in a Lois Lerner-esque tone — millions of people losing their current coverage was merely “part of the calculation.” Part of the calculation? That’s all this is to you, a mathematical projection?

You arrogant bastard!

These are real lives we are talking about here. And in the case of Congressman Patrick McHenry – whose question prompted your telling response – we’re talking some 473 thousand real lives in his state of North Carolina alone! If the ratios hold, that’s some 12 million nationwide!  And that’s before the wave of cancellations that are taking place right now.

Well let me tell you about this damned calculation. My 23 year old daughter, like many others, is facing a tripling, or maybe a quadrupling – or her contribution to her work place provided coverage. Calculate that you smarmy SOB.  Yes, I said tripling or maybe quadrupling. The figures are not final yet. She cannot afford this, as the increase alone will swallow about 20% of her take home pay. She is not alone.

And why is this? Well, it is all just part of the calculation. You see, the magnificent bureaucrats who slither to and from government cubicles every day have deemed that the former coverage isn’t up to Obama Care standards. Never mind that the boss liked it, the employees liked it – the doctors and pharmacies liked it – all of this is academic.

Yep, those bureaucrats under Kathleen Sebelius at HHS didn’t like it. You knew this would happen. You admitted it. You and your ilk designed the excuses they could use to consider plans inferior.  But hey, just part of the calculation, like you said.

What I would like to know, given that you are this renowned central planner, is can you name any example in world history where such centralized planning over a huge swath of a nation’s economy ever worked out? When have the decisions of a handful of supposedly expert technocrats ever been superior to hundreds of millions of people acting in liberty and in their self-interests?


Although I suppose you swat this reality aside with the self absorbed idea that if you had been planning – say Cuba, the Soviet economy, etc – it would have all worked. This is the luxury academics have. You can pontificate all day about how things should be done, knowing that you’ve never tried to actually do them yourself.

Until something screwy happens in our politics and society, and suddenly you can do them. You are allowed to design a health care plan that you insist is a utopian dream come true. Sure, there will be some collateral damage – a few lives ruined – but that’s all just part of the calculation.  And hey, if we have to lie to get the thing passed, so be it. The ends always justify the means for tyrants.

Of course, this grand scheme of you is crashing and burning, as the daily headlines demonstrate. The rollout was a disaster; more people have lost their current coverage than have signed up as new enrollees, and prices and deductibles are skyrocketing.WTF There are looming doctor shortages of massive proportions. Today less than 35% of physicians consider themselves independent, as compared to over 60% just a few years ago.  You and your minions were going to do all of this better than the private sector.  Well I’ll say this about the private sector – normally when deductibles skyrocket in private insurance, the premiums come way down and the coverage limits go up.

In other words, doc, you failed. You lied to get your way, you smirked arrogantly about it, and now your scheme is an abject disaster. The only saving grace is that your words, specifically those about the state exchanges, will probably doom ObamaCare in the Supreme Court. If this happens, know full well that your viral video infamy also played a role.

Yes Mr. Professor from MIT, you will probably do more to doom ObamaCare than any other single human alive – and it was your insufferable pomposity that did it. That will be even more satisfying than anything I could do to you.

CEdmundWrightC. Edmund Wright is contributor to StubbornThings, American Thinker, Newsmax TV, Talk Radio Network and author of WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again. • (1299 views)

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12 Responses to An Angry Dad’s Reaction to Dr. Gruber

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I’m fully in Mr. Wright’s corner on this. But I think there are a couple of things I’d like to know:

    1) Did his daughter and son-in-law vote for Obama (and/or commonly vote for Democrats)?

    2) What lessons did his daughter and son-in-law take away from this?

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    To liberals (including Gruber and his fellow members of the intelligentsia, but also politicians, activists, donors, newsliars, and bureaucrats), victims like your daughter are merely the eggs that have to be broken in order to create their perfect (however inedible) omelet. That is the inevitable consequence of believing that ordinary lives have no individual significance, which is inherent in all collectivist ideologies. Given that there are far more victims (broken eggs) than beneficiaries for Obamacare, one might wonder why the liberals consider it such a good idea. Perhaps one should ask O’Brien from 1984, who understood perfectly what liberals seek to accomplish.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Why all the anger Mr. Wright? As serfs, you and I are expected to pull our forelocks to such as Dr. Gruber, and shuffle along quietly.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Should we also learn to kowtow? Or is that too Asian for the Black God and his minions? I’m not sure what token of obeisance Bokassa or Idi Amin or Macias or Mugabe would demand.

  4. David Ray says:

    I have a few questions for that pompous MIT weasel:

    (1) Are you yourself under Osamacare? (Congress and their staff aren’t.)
    (2) Which/how many lawyers helped coach your testimony? (Your painfully rehearsed answers were clearly designed to help you obfuscate under oath – which you did.)
    (3) Was Sarah Palin’s whimsy paraphrase “death panels” spot on? (I hear the euphemism is called “Advance Care Planning Consultation”.)

    • Timothy Lane says:

      There’s also the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which will determine what procedures can be done for what prices, and effectively has no limits on its authority and virtually no way anyone else can restrain it once it starts to make decisions. (This should be blatantly unconstitutional under the Schechter precedent, but I suppose this can’t be brought before SCOTUS until they start to make and impose their rules.)

      • David Ray says:

        Thx for the info Mr. Lane. (You’re a dad-gum walking encyclopedia.)

      • faba calculo says:

        Its decisions CAN be restrained. It’s designed to make recommendations when Medicare costs grows than the allowed rate. If Congress doesn’t want those recommendations to go into effect, all it needs to do is to come up with its own cost control measures that save the same amount of money or more.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          The IPAB was written as being effectively impossible to remove (though I doubt that would hold up in court), and its decisions cannot be overturned (I think technically there’s some tiny window of opportunity) without replacing the money. And who determines that the money has been replaced adequately?

          • faba calculo says:

            Likely the CBO.

            In my book, IPAB was one of the genuinely good parts of Obamacare: if Congress can’t bring Medicare into actuarial balance, someone needs to.

    • faba calculo says:

      ” Are you yourself under Osamacare? (Congress and their staff aren’t.)”

      Yes, they are. The Congressmen ALL get their employer-provided healthcare via the exchanges. Their staffers likewise. However, the committee staff, however, is immune to this requirement, and there HAS been some trickery wherein personal staffers have been disguised as committee staffers to escape the exchanges, but even this abuse isn’t general.

  5. SkepticalCynic SkepticalCynic says:

    I am thrilled to find one soul that is pissed to the max with what is going on in this country. Actually, I am quite of the same mind as he is about my family. To be quite blunt, I will kill you over my family. Especially my daughters and grandchildren. I am waiting for enough of us to reach the point in rage at these miserable lying, greedy, two-faced SOB’s that Mr. Wright has picked out only one of, so that we can join forces and shake this country like the worst earthquake imaginable. I hope it happens before I get too old to help.

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