America’s New Gods

NewGodsby Deana Chadwell    9/6/14
A whole new dynasty of deities has descended upon the American people and we are about to experience the wrath of God much as the Northern Kingdom of Israel did in the 8th century B.C. when the Assyrians swept down upon ten of the tribes and carried them off to oblivion. America’s chickens, if I may borrow a phrase, are coming home to roost.

What? New gods? We’re not a pagan nation, you say. Really? We now have a whole pantheon of little idols we bow down to on a daily basis. Three of these gods are Multiculturalism, his cousin Diversity, and her genderless offspring, Political Correctness. We have sacrificed much of what is valuable in this society to these upstarts.

These gods are demanding that our children be taught to follow them, that our laws be changed to honor them and that we be ready to sacrifice our very lives to their dominion. We must scrap the amazing culture we’ve built here in just over 400 years.

I know we’ve all had quintessential American experiences

  • a Little League ball game –boys sliding through the dust to 1st base, moms in T-shirts and flip-flops, dads shouting directions,
  • or a concert at the Lincoln center – Copeland, Bernstein, Gershwin followed by a square dance competition out in the square.
  • or my niece’s wonderful wedding in a steepled clapboard church on the Nebraska prairie – the little girls in their lavender flower-girl dresses, the stained glass windows, the reception in the luan-paneled basement — fried chicken and cole slaw, Jello and cake – so Garrison Keillor it seemed unreal.

America has a culture — fresh, vibrant, unique.

Enter the idol Multiculturalism, who slipped in quite easily. America is good at assimilating other cultures – winnowing out that which isn’t helpful and taking to our hearts everything that fits the American mold. The Mexican siesta – delightful as that sounds – never caught on here because America can’t sit still, but Mexican food – ah, yes, that was another matter — please pass the enchiladas. Given that elasticity and our tendency to be self-critical it only took two steps to the left and we were bowing to a slovenly, dangerous deity.

The schools taught our children to question the veracity and the righteousness of the American Dream and then we called upon Diversity and Political Correctness to push young people to their knees.

So, here we are, prostrate and subservient. We’ve had to pack away our old icons – justice, courage, duty, decency, common sense, loyalty, and national pride,. One can see those virtues at work in human society from the earliest of mankind’s experiences:

  • Adam and Eve paying the just price for their disobedience,
  • Noah dutifully and courageously building the ark,
  • Joseph being both wise and decent rejecting Potiphar’s wife.
  • Jonathon and David pledging loyalty to each other,
  • Christ crying tears of love for his Jerusalem,

These have all had to be sacrificed at the M-C altar. After all, if we are not only to tolerate, but embrace all cultures; we can’t make any moral judgments about them. We can’t turn up our guilty noses at the beheading of children, or the rape of little girls. We can’t get up on our (evidently questionable) moral high ground and denounce genital mutilation, or suicide bombings. And how can we in good conscience deny illegal immigrants access the ill-gotten gains of American capitalism? After all, it’s so hard to make a living in socialist Mexico that we can’t blame people for coming here in any way possible, making a living however they choose.

And the other two divinities demand their due. The goddess Diversity wants us to quit judging the behavior of Americans as well. We do this by willingly sacrificing our babies before they are even born, while drug and alcohol dependencies have morphed into sicknesses and no social stigma should follow. No social stigma is levied upon adultery or homosexual behaviors either. Of course we are to be horrified and condemnatory of those who still “cling to their guns and religion,” but we must be respectful of prostitutes (after all, theirs is the oldest profession), and psychics, and thugs – especially if they’re black.

Diversity is an exacting little Aphrodite who demands retribution for loyalty to America’s original God. You see, we must lay reverently across her feet the bloody bodies of private property and the sacredness of marriage. She will exact penalties for failure in this area – fines and lawsuits will descend upon you even for slight infractions like refusing to bake a wedding cake or displaying the old ten commandments.

Here’s where Political Correctness comes into the worship service. It may be last, but it knows how important it is in the scheme of things and it demands a heavy sacrifice. We must be willing to give up truth, and its corollary, freedom of religion. After all, religion can be very exclusionary and we can’t have all this shoving-down-throats behavior, unless, of course, it’s Islamic terrorists doing the shoving because theirs is a culture other than ours, and therefore is more valid. (Besides, Islam is pretty scary and we’re caught without our old reverence for courage.) Atheism (oddly accepted by PC) takes precedence over Christianity because the former is not a religion and therefore can be shoved down throats, taught in classrooms, and honored in courts of law.

The godlet PC, more than any other offering, demands we leave behind our freedom of speech. We can’t any longer speak what we think, but only what the ever-changing feelings of leftists want to hear. I’m sure Lois Lerner saw nothing wrong with going after Tea Party conservatives – after all, they said horrible things, things that showed a complete lack of respect for the new deities.

This pantheon is a treacherous crew because they are not governed by anything. The old God had limits – the limits of His own perfections. He couldn’t be duplicitous, or cruel, or capricious. This new bunch can. The old God couldn’t be stupid – His omniscience wouldn’t allow it, but this new trinity is so arrogant that it’s become dumb as a broken brick. This new world pantheon crouches yoga style with hands over eyes, ears, and mouth, but speaks a new motto: See no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth. And it will keep chanting that mantra until the wrath of the Almighty explodes, using perhaps ISIS or Mexican drug cartels or the stock market or a super volcano. We don’t know, but those of us who are paying attention can feel it lurching over the horizon. The chickens are coming home to roost.

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Deana Chadwell

About Deana Chadwell

I have spent my life teaching young people how to read and write and appreciate the wonder of words. I have worked with high school students and currently teach writing at Pacific Bible College in southern Oregon. I have spent more than forty years studying the Bible, theology, and apologetics and that finds its way into my writing whether I'm blogging about my experiences or my opinions. I have two and a half moldering novels, stacks of essays, hundreds of poems, some which have won state and national prizes. All that writing -- and more keeps popping up -- needs a home with a big plate glass window; it needs air; it needs a conversation. I am also an artist who works with cloth, yarn, beads, gourds, polymer clay, paint, and photography. And I make soap.
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10 Responses to America’s New Gods

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Very good. One can note that liberals are quite happy to follow any religion that makes no behavioral demands. They prate of being “judgmental”, but naturally no one is more judgmental — but of people’s beliefs, not their behavior. They claim to believe all cultures are equal, but in reality they reject their own as evil and prefer any and all others — much as G. K. Chesterton pointed out that someone who doesn’t believe in God will believe in anything rather than nothing.

    But the key to it all is alienation, the rejection of their traditional culture and all it implies — artistic beauty, moral and ethical standards, and a politics that values liberty above all else.

  2. Anniel says:

    Deanna – Anyone with common sense knows there is a price to pay, and, yes, the bill is coming due really fast. I keep reminding myself that God is always in charge, and His ways are just. Wish I were younger and could do more in the battle.

  3. Paul B says:

    Excellent. Man redefines God to suit the current ideology. And in so doing, creates another god: Man himself. Kinda like Isaiah 14: “I will become like the Most High…”

    But those who persevere–and suffer–through this travail will be rewarded.

  4. John D. says:

    Very well stated, and all too true.

  5. Glenn Fairman says:

    It began with the destruction of the Singular Truth. Many Truths and many roads leading to Rome. Once the camels nose was under the tent….you know the rest.

    Beautiful prose. The bitter knowledge that somewhere down the line, Tacos are the Trojan Horse responsible for the Fall of the Southwest, carries with it the cruelest blow.

  6. Patty H. says:

    “See no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth. And it will keep chanting that mantra until the wrath of the Almighty explodes, using perhaps ISIS or Mexican drug cartels or the stock market or a super volcano. We don’t know, but those of us who are paying attention can feel it lurching over the horizon. The chickens are coming home to roost.”

    I had to bow my head when I read the above, especially about the list of disasters, including the super volcano, and the line about those of us paying attention feeling it lurching over the horizon. Amazing to come across someone who feels the same way I do about a coming disaster. God Bless.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      So is this intended as a variant of the traditional 3 monkeys? That does sound like a good metaphor for modern liberalism.

  7. Warren Kulik says:

    Amen Bro. Great read!

    Psalm 37 NASB
    12 The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes at him with his teeth.
    13 The Lord laughs at him, for He sees his day is coming.
    14 The wicked have drawn the sword and bent their bow to cast down the afflicted and the needy, to slay those who are upright in conduct.
    15 Their sword will enter their own heart, and their bows will be broken.

  8. GHG says:

    Yeah, I have the same foreboding that there be a smote a coming. Don’t know when, don’t know how, but whenever it happens it will only be because we’ve earned it.

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