Is America Too Far Gone?

DividedNation2by Patricia L. Dickson   8/1/14
A recent poll by The Pew Research Center is reporting that America is more divided than ever. According to the poll, 66% of consistently conservative Republicans think the Democrats’ policies threaten the nation’s well-being and half (50%) of consistently liberal Democrats say Republican policies jeopardize the nation’s well-being. With everything that is going on in our country, all Americans should be united. So, what is it that has us divided? The issues that we are facing affects all Americans on both sides of the political fencefrom foreign policy disasters, wide-open borders to the economy.

First, I would like to know which Republican policies that Democrats think would jeopardize the nation. I will gladly admit that I am partisan to conservative policies because I know that when implemented, everyone benefits. During Ronald Reagan’s presidency, more people (black Americans in particular) moved up into the middle class. President Reagan won the Cold War along with strengthening our military. Although I was a teenager during his presidency, many of my military superiors told me that President Reagan gave the military the biggest raise in history.

After over six years of Obama’s disastrous presidency, he still has devoted supporters. Pollster and Fox News contributor, Frank Luntz asked average Americans (and Obama voters) what they thought about the president’s leadership. The lengths that Obama’s supporters were willing to go to paint him as a success were stunning. One woman claimed that Obama’s signature healthcare policy will be the best ever in a few years. A man claimed that Obama is a steady president. His observation is that Obama has kept us from going into wars, and has stabilized the economy. All hell broke loose when another woman claimed that Obama is trying to fix Bush’s mess and it will take around ten or twelve years.

When I witness individuals continuing to support Obama and the Democrats, in spite of all the disastrous things that are currently happening right before our very eyes, I cannot help but think that America is beyond repair. The reason that we are in this mess in the first place is due to a dumbed-down electorate coupled with a lying media. I will concede (although I will never understand it) that some people were persuaded in 2008 by all his slick talk. However, it is depressing to witness grown people not being able to discern the dangers of this president’s and the Democrat party’s policies. What was in the Kool-Aid that they drank?

I am convinced that Liberalism is a mental disease. Lois Lerner, the woman at the center of the IRS scandal, called conservatives crazies during an email exchange with a friend because she overheard some women say America was “bankrupt and going down the tubes”. That leads me to question Liberal ability to do simple arithmetic. Any informed person knows that our country is trillions of dollars in debt, therefore, it is logical to conclude that if we continue on this path (spending more than we are taking in), that America will end up bankrupt. So who is the real crazy person, Lerner or the women she overheard?

How does one explain the Obama supporter? The only way for a sane person to understand it is to accept the Limbaugh Theorem. Rush Limbaugh theorizes that Obama supporters do not associate Obama with his policy failures. He somehow makes people think that he does not like what is going on either and that he is trying to fix it. I am willing to accept his theory because I am at my wits end in trying to understand anyone who continues to support Obama. One can call me the modern day Chicken Little because I am convinced that the sky is falling.

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8 Responses to Is America Too Far Gone?

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    As many have said, the problem isn’t so much Barry Zero (bad though he undoubtedly is) as the electorate that would not only elect him, but re-elect him after seeing what he delivered.

    Part of the problem is that most people have no sense of history, and in particularly of the concept of cycles. This applies to people who think the warming since the end of the Little Ice Age must be anthropogenic because the idea of natural climate cycles is alien to them, and it also applies to those who think the pathetic recovery from the recession at the end of the Bush era must be a good thing because they don’t know about the business cycle and that the Obama stagnation has been the worst recovery on record (at least here in America).

    • Pst4usa says:

      Timothy, I think the Yutes of today have a sense of history, it is just that it is all wrong, but it is a sense, put there intentionally by the leftist portion of the boomer generation. Alas, it is our fault for not stopping them.

      Very good post Patricia, but near the end of it you say that 0bama makes them think, on that I will have to disagree, I would say he makes them feel. No thinking is required, (or maybe even allowed), to support him.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        I see what you mean, but if your knowledge of history is incorrect, then you really don’t have a sense of history. And they certainly show no awareness of historical cycles.

        • Pst4usa says:

          Fair enough Timothy, but like my discussion of my being in shape, I say round is a shape, (stolen from someone I know, I just don’t remember who said it). A sense can go either way. But I certainly agree that they show no awareness of history repeating itself.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            As a rather rotund individual, I rather like that idea of “round” being a shape. It reminds me of Gregor Demarkian (in one of Jane Haddam’s mysteries) noting that people always told him to “watch what you eat” — and he did, all the way into his mouth.


    Patricia, I think the answer lies in the gulf between the Leftist and reality. Call it cognitive dissonance if you like, but the Leftist lives in a world so much his own that I think of it as a near-psychotic break with reality. Almost everything the Leftist thinks he knows is wrong, and much of his historical “knowledge” never happened.

    The Leftist thinks AGW is a scientific fact instead of a hypothesis which at least in its original form has already been disproven, that G. W. Bush stole the 2000 election from Al Gore, that Keynesian economics works, that the IRS targeted Progressive groups with the same fervor it did Conservative ones, that vote fraud isn’t a real problem, that Bush lied about WMD in Iraq, etc. etc. It’s very hard to deal with people who have their own set of convenient facts and won’t listen to reason.

    Another problem is that the Left is totalitarian, motivated by power-lust rationalized as concern for humanity. They are not interested in doing what would actually benefit people because that would mean giving up their power. And there’s simply no common ground left between them and those of us who want our freedom back.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Whether they live in an alternate reality depends on which leftists you’re talking about. The Inner Party know the facts, but lie for the purpose of rousing their base voters out of political expediency. The base, having made the decision to live up to the Fascist slogan (“Believe, obey, fight”), reflexively accept whatever the Inner Party tells them. This requires them to ignore any inconvenient reality, which inevitably makes them very dogmatic when faced with opposing views.

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