All Together Now, “I hate the rich”

EatTheRichby Brad Nelson
One of the biggest sins these days is to have wealth. Don’t bother telling anybody that you produced that wealth by working hard for it. All that matters is that you have it. By having it, you have more than someone else, which is a sin in the eyes of those who hold equality-of-outcome as the greatest value instead of freedom.

And it’s often assumed that to have wealth, you have committed a serious transgression. The Leftist narrative is that you have obtained it via exploiting others. If you have wealth, you are a bad guy. You are most likely a despoiler or oppressor. You are, to the Marxist mindset, taking what otherwise “the poor” would have.

Many people are very good capitalists in real life even though they reflexively vote Democrat and mouth the slogans of the Left. Many have built a business, own a nice house, a nice car, maybe a boat, membership at a posh club, kids, dog, wife, the whole works. And I begrudge people nothing who have legally obtained these things. In fact, I commend them, for when one takes part in wealth-production, one is helping to lift the entire society. Remember, our “poor” in American live a life equal to, or better than, the kings of just a century ago. A rising tide really does lift all ships.

But the Left does begrudge wealth. And from long experience of being harangued by Leftist busy-bodies, people who have been successful know that they are being political incorrect. They know they are under siege. They are taught in so many ways to feel guilty about their success instead of rightfully proud of it.

With enough of this guilting, you can turn people against themselves. Instead of spreading the message to others on how they, too, can live the American Dream, many who have been successful have given in to political correctness and have joined the chorus of those who denounce wealth. It ssems to be their way of gaining some kind of secular absolution.

But by doing so, they reinforce the Left’s simplistic vision of the world as being explainable as one class of people exploiting another. Large segments of society are thoroughly convinced of this these days. And this is sad because this has robbed them of the American Dream. They believe they can’t succeed. Their energy instead goes toward blaming others and supporting those politicians who promise to plunder “the rich” and hand out “free stuff.”

Odd as it may seem, many people who actually live the American Dream and take part in the wonders of the free market still think as Leftists or at least acquiesce to them (and vote for them). For many, being rich is a sin. “Being rich is bad” has been drummed into our heads now from all quarters. Being rich, as the left would have it, is the invented catch-all cause to explain the flaws of society much like a mother or father of old, in order to keep their kids in line, told them that the bogeyman would get them if they didn’t behave.

And at what level one becomes a part of “the rich” is rarely defined. The Left simply needs “the rich” as an ongoing scapegoat to fulfill their narrow worldview and to use for purposes of demagoguery. Should the Left need more scapegoats to blame and to milk for taxes, they can increase the total number of “the rich” at any time by continually lowering the definition of “rich.”

One of the greatest villains of the Left, and the supposed cause of the housing boom and bust of 2008, are rich CEOs and Wall Street executives. But the real villain was government intrusion into the free market. But don’t bother telling that to those who believe in the narrative that business and “rich people” were to blame. Don’t bother telling them that rich Wall Street executives are usually reliable Democrats. The rich are villains (never hard-working wealth producers) and the poor are victims (never lazy, criminal, or shiftless). That’s all some need to know and all they want to know.

Instead of stewing in the manufactured guilt of having worked hard and been successful, it would be much more useful and kind to educate people on how they, too, can take part in the American Dream. Instead of stoking envy or giving into the Left’s bitter narrative, it would be better to help others obtain the necessary skills in order to pursue their own dreams. It is no kindness to demagogue against “the rich.” If people do not believe that they can improve themselves, and instead believe that the deck is stacked against them, this will crush their hopes. People will tend to, as we see, channel too much of their energies into being a victim and thereby extorting entitlements out of people (which tends to crush wealth production and the standard of living for all).

Those who feel guilty about having achieved the American Dream should therefore think twice before dabbling in “social justice” or any other ideology that explains life via the simplistic formula of Oppressor Class vs. Victim Class. But rather than spreading the good news of capitalism, many capitulate to the guilt that is thrust upon them. They join the Left in denouncing “the rich” and thus try to absolve themselves from the guilt of being fairly well off themselves. Joining in this Marxist-inspired chorus against wealth and wealth producers is their way to gain earthly absolution from their supposed sins.

Guilt induced by honest achievement and hard work is misdirected. The normal state of humanity is poverty. It is not poverty that needs to be explained but wealth creation. And in our freedom-based, free-market world, wealth is created via hard work, risk, innovation, and technology. This is the new fact of life in a world that otherwise once depended upon the acquisition of wealth via plunder, exploitation, or conquest.

How ironic, then, that the so-called “Progressives” are actually taking us back to the regressive past when the primary way to accumulate wealth was to take it from others. And this is what the socialistic entitlement-based societies do. And those who opt for guilt instead of positively spreading the American Dream to others are complicit in the very destruction of that dream. • (769 views)

Brad Nelson

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I like books, nature, politics, old movies, Ronald Reagan (you get sort of a three-fer with that one), and the founding ideals of this country. We are the Shining City on the Hill — or ought to be. However, our land has been poisoned by Utopian aspirations and feel-good bromides. Both have replaced wisdom and facts.
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  1. pst4usa says:

    Brad, that’s one thing that the left is really good at, demonizing the right; if there’s anything they’ve been successful at that would be it. From the leftist perspective being on the right means always having to say you’re sorry; everything you do, if you’re on the right, will be out of selfish greed and the desire to destroy the planet, starve old folks and punish children.
    Great phrase “secular absolution” by the way, and so true. As the ministers in the Christian faith pound on the pulpit and tell us all we are sinners and that Christ died for our absolution; the leftist, with a louder voice and more fervor, will preach that if we just use the right grocery bags, if we recycle, if we all would drive a Prius or stop driving altogether, if we would use just the proper light bulbs that they approve of, if we would just let them control the thermostats of our home, just give them all of our freedoms and liberties, we would be absolved of all our sins, (until they come up with new ones).
    As Dennis Prager says America has a trinity, Liberty, in God We Trust and E Pluribus Unum, Well the left, has a trinity as well, Race, Gender and Class. It is the later that you bring up here, how has the left been so successful at using this weapon against the right? Well this goes back a long time probably all the way back to Cain and Abel; Cain believed that Abel’s offering to God was better and more pleasing so he killed him for it. Human nature is messed up but the left knows how to play upon that. Even Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine were not immune to the allure of class envy. Jefferson went over to France as our ambassador during the French Revolution and he witnessed and agreed with some of the most bloody class envy struggles in the history of the planet. Both of these men understood liberty as well as anyone around at the time and yet the goal of balancing the scale of wealth between the classes, overcame their good judgment and their desire for Liberty.
    So you see as the Bible tells us, there truly is nothing new under the sun. So the real question is how do we combat it? How do we convince otherwise intelligent people that although there are those that are lacking in moral character, (even some thin ones), with all of those things that we’re accused of, they exist on both on both sides of the political spectrum right and left; it’s just that the left wants to use government to enrich themselves and control you.
    As the main title of your blog says facts are stubborn things but when people no longer know or even care about facts we have a big hill to climb. The left has had the ability, maybe because they have so many people who are artistic and creative in the marketing sector, maybe because they’ve taken over the education system or maybe because they just infiltrated every aspect of human life to convince people of what they naturally will do, and to use where humans will naturally go to their advantage; liberty and freedom is not, as several presidents have stated, the desire of all people, as a matter fact it’s an anomaly in time and if we do not maintain it, it will die for a every single person alive today and for all of their children.

  2. Brad Nelson bradnelson says:

    Great points.

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