Al Sharpton, the Devil in Disguise!

TheDevilby Leigh Bravo  12/3/14
Who is Al Sharpton and why has he been given the power of the pulpit to “preach” hate and “incite” violence and racial divide by the current administration, bought and paid for by NBC, while destroying lives across the United States, the country he abhors, for profit, in the name of God?

I have no doubt Martin Luther King rolls over in his grave every time the “so-called” civil rights leader opens his mouth.

My version of Al’s dream speech?

“I have a dream that one day I will be judged by the size of my bank account, built by deceiving my own race, and NOT by my character.”

Al Sharpton was born in October of 1954 in Brooklyn New York. He has run, unsuccessfully, for Mayer and Senator of New York, and twice thrown his hat into the presidential race. Since the beginning, the name Al Sharpton has been synonymous with controversy…. criminal activity, deceit and racial division.

In 1983, Sharpton showed up at a Manhattan apartment thinking he was meeting a South American drug lord to discuss laundering money through boxing promotions, but actually met with an undercover FBI agent. As a result, he was forced to cooperate with federal agents as a snitch. He then began recording conversations with Don King, a boxing promoter and Sal Buonanno, a gangster with the Mafia. The real question is how Sharpton was able to walk into situations where mafia members freely spoke about criminal activity, without fear, that would eventually be used against them in court?

In 1987 Sharpton got involved in a case involving Tawana Brawley, a black teenager who claimed she was kidnapped, raped and sodomized by a gang of white racists. Those accused were white police officers, and assistant district attorney, Steven Pagones. Throughout the investigation Sharpton encouraged the family not to cooperate with authorities and repeatedly attacked and ridiculed the special prosecutor, Mr. Abrams. Due to Sharpton’s involvement, the case drew national attention and increased racial tensions in New York. He encouraged protests and racial division in a case that was later labeled a hoax by the grand jury. During the Brawley case, Sharpton appeared on the Morton Downey television show and during a debate about the case yelled at an audience member,

“You ain’t nothing! You a punk faggot! Now come on and do something!”

Steven Pagones, one of the accused, successfully sued Sharpton and the attorneys for Brawley. He claimed poverty, never paid his debt and refused to apologize for his actions or to the people whose lives he destroyed during the case.

In 2001, Sharpton decided to run for President, and his outstanding debt, an issue in his political career, was paid by his supporters. In 2009, Sharpton and NAN ( National Action Network) were fined $285,000 for violating election rules during his 2004 bid for the presidency. His campaign illegally accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from private sources and kept poor records of its activities and expenditures. Sharpton also lied to authorities regarding the amount of money he raised during the campaign so he could illegally qualify for federal matching federal funds.

In 1989, Sharpton, once again, saw an opportunity to exploit his own race while reaping financial benefits when he placed himself in the middle of the Central Park Jogger Case. It was alleged that a 28-year-old white women was gang raped and almost beaten to death in Central Park by a group of black teenagers. The defendants confessed to the crime, and were also found to have attacked others on the same evening including a man beaten with a pipe. Despite the defendants graphic and detailed confessions, Sharpton insisted that they were innocent victims of “a fit of racial hysteria.” Sharpton organized protests accusing the jogger’s boyfriend of the attack. Outside the courtroom, protestors chanted, “The boyfriend did it,” and called the victim, “a whore.” They called her attorney, “bitch,” “white devil,” and “slut.” In 2002, Matias Reyes, already serving a life sentence claimed responsibility for the rape alone. Although evidence and confessions pointed to a larger group, the teenagers were released and exonerated for their crime. Sharpton made no apologies for the mess he left behind.

During the administration of New York city mayor David Dinkins, an African American, 1989-1993, Sharpton said,

“David Dinkins, you wanna be the only nigger on television, only nigger in the newspaper, only nigger that can talk. Don’t cover them, don’t talk to them, cause you got the only nigger problem. Cause you know if a black man stood up next to you, they would see you for the whore that you really are.”

Later in Dinkins administration, Sharpton referred to him as,

“that nigger whore turning tricks in City Hall.”

In 1990, Sharpton was arrested and charged with 67 counts of grand larceny, falsifying business records and scheming to defraud. He was accused of stealing $250,000 from his own organization, the National Youth Movement. Sharpton’s response on paying income taxes was, “no black person owes anything.” Sharpton was acquitted of the charges and as a result claimed his acquittal would “change the political landscape.”

In 1991, Sharpton, once again, placed himself into the middle of unfortunate situation, turning it into, yet, another opportunity to stir the racial pot. On August 19, in Crown Heights, a Hasidic Jewish driver accidentally hit another car and then landed on the sidewalk hitting two black children. He immediately got out of his car to try to help the children, but was viscously attacked by a local black crowd. One of the children died. Sharpton later delivered the eulogy at the dead boys funeral which only fueled the hate. Once again, Sharpton counseled the family not to cooperate with authorities, and when he was asked to comment on the violence, said,

“We must not reprimand our children for the outrage, when it is the outrage that was put in them by an oppressive system.”

Less than 3 hours after the crash more than 250 young black men threw rocks and bottles at police, residents and homes, shouting, “Jews!, Jews!, Jews!” A large group then hunted down and murdered Yankel Rosenbaum, a rabbinical student who had nothing to do with the child’s death. Efraim Lipkind, a resident of Crown Heights, under sworn testimony claimed,

“Then we had a famous man, Al Sharpton, who came down, and he said Tuesday night, kill the Jews, two times. I heard him, and he started to lead a charge across the street to Utica.”

Later that night an Italian American, Anthony Graziosi, mistaken for a Jew, was dragged out of his car, brutally beaten and stabbed to death.

Sharpton mocked Jews during the protests he arranged, by saying,

“If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.”

A year after the funeral, on the first Sabbath, Sharpton marched 400 protestors in front of the Lubavitch in Crown Heights attempting to kick up the tensions yet again, yelling “NO Justice, NO Peace!” When a grand jury failed to produce a conviction, Sharpton encouraged the Cato family to sue the driver, Yosef Lifsh. Sharpton said he would personally serve the papers to Lifsh, who had fled to Israel for his own safety. When recognized at the Airport, a local yelled to Sharpton to “go to hell,” he replied, “I am in hell already, I am in Israel.”

In 1994, Sharpton was re-baptized into the Baptist faith and became a minister, then delivered a speech at New Jersey’s Kean College where he said,

“White folks was in the cave while we black was building empires…We built pyramids before donald Trump ever knew what architecture was…we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

He also took the opportunity in this speech to say that America’s founders consisted of,

“The worst criminals, the rejects they sent from the colonies. So some cracker come and tell you ‘Well my mother and father blood go back to the Mayflower,’ you better hold your pocket . That ain’t nothing to be proud of, that means their forefathers was crooks.”

In the summer of 1995, a rent dispute stirred violence when a African American church in Harlem raised the rent on Freddy’s Fashion Mart, a jewish owned clothing store. In turn Freddy’s raised the rent on its tenant, a black owned record store. Instead of this turning into a private dispute over rents, Al Sharpton made sure it was turned into a “for profit” opportunity using racial division as his apparatus for conflict.

Sharpton used his weekly radio show to stir the pot and his guest, Morris Powell leader of the 125th Vendor’s Association was heard using racial and anti-Semitic language to encourage Harlem residents to boycott Freddy’s. Powell was heard saying, “We are going to see that this cracker suffers.” At a rally on September 9th Sharpton told a crowd,

“I want to make it clear to the radio audience and to you here that we will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business on 125th street.”

On December 7th, Harar, of Freddy’s, filed court papers describing “weeks of protests outside the clothing store in which demonstrators threatened employees, hurled obscenities at “bloodsucking Jews” and talked of burning down the store.”

On December 8th, Roland James Smith, Jr, who had participated in all of Sharpton’s protests, walked into Freddy’s Fashion Mart, pulled out a gun, ordered all blacks to leave the store, poured paint thiner on bins of clothes and set Freddy’s on fire. Seven people were killed including Smith himself. Sharpton immediately denied being involved in the protests and claimed there was not anti-Semitism used, but it was proven he lied.

In 2000, Sharpton held a “Redeem the Dream” Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. One of the featured speakers was Malik Zulu Shabazz, who headed the New Black Panther Party whose hallmarks are anti-white and anti-Semitic hatred. At the rally, Shabazz called on young black people, including gang members to “unite against their common enemy…white America and its’ racist police departments.”

In March of 2006, a black stripper, Crystal Mangum, accused three Duke lacrosse players of beating, raping and sodomizing her during a party. Sharpton immediately declared that these “rich white boys” had attacked a “black girl,” and warned that “if arrests were not made immediately there would be no peace.” Later, the charges were proven to be entirely fabricated, and in 2013 Mangum was found guilty in the stabbing death of her boyfriend and is now in prison.

In 2012, we had Sharpton once agin stirring the pot in the Trayvon Martin case. This time he was joined by President Obama claiming Trayvon could have been his son, before the case even went to court. Simmerman was tried and found guilty before he ever saw the inside of a court room. As a result, the case turned into a circus and protests and violence erupted across the United States. In August of 2014, Sharpton, Obama and Holder, once again, stirred the racial pot over the shooting and ultimate death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Sharpton, once again, maneuvered his way to the pulpit to deliver the Eulogy and encouraged unrest with his old standard… “No Justice, No Peace.” Our leaders, once again, delivered the verdict before the case reached the grand jury. As a result we are still dealing with protests and unrest across the United States. Justice be damned…..Sharpton’s perception is the true reality. “No Justice, No Peace“….”burn the bitch down.”

After an estimated net worth of over $5 million, a New York Times investigation reported that Sharpton has more than $4.5 million in tax liens against him and his businesses. Sharpton has repeatedly failed to pay hotels, travel agencies, and landlords….the very people he claims to protect.

Now, the President of the United States has called Al Sharpton to the White House as an advisor on race relations?

Jesse Jackson, another so-called civil rights leader, said of Sharpton,

“I’ve know Al since he was 12 years old, and he’s arrived at the level he always wanted to arrive at, which is gratifying. He’s the man who’s the liaison to the White House, he’s the one who’s talking to the Justice Department.”

The time, place and faces change, but the situation remains the same. Take an unfortunate situation, fan the flames until it becomes unbearable and the public is so misinformed that chaos ensues. Drop the bomb and leave the public picking up the pieces of their lives. In the end, the only winners are the so-called civil rights leaders and preachers who claim God as their witness, to the riots they incite, the lives they destroy, and the divineness they have created in order to heighten their own egos and pad their own wallets.

The only consolation is knowing that one day he will face judgement by the very God he claims to represent. Imagine his surprise when he finds the Devil in disguise!

Leigh Bravo blogs at The Trumpet. • (1945 views)

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11 Responses to Al Sharpton, the Devil in Disguise!

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Sharpton became the moral arbiter of race issues for 2 reasons. One is that corrupted urban blacks follow him more than they do anyone else. The other is that everything that is evil about him only makes him more acceptable to liberals, including the synoptic media, who make these decisions.

  2. Anniel says:

    Leigh – Thanks again for setting events out so clearly. People need to remember more. We all say, “There he goes again,” but forget how many times we’ve seen Sharpton “go again.” He’s been miraculously refitted as a human so many times he will indeed be surprised at who he really is, and who his master has been.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      He gets refitted because liberals find him convenient, and his total lack of ethics doesn’t bother them much (if any, since many share it).

  3. Rosalys says:

    This is a good reminder to us all of just how deplorable are the actions of Al Sharpton!

    I watched a debate between him and Christopher Hitchens about the existence of God, ( with Al playing the role of God’s defender against the great atheist. It was pathetic; and for the first and only time in my life I felt sorry for ol’ Al. Spending a lifetime steeped in hatred, he was totally out of his league in trying to present evidence for a God, whom scripture tells us (1 John 4:7,16) IS love. Al needs to repent and and stop lying, cheating, stealing, and hating. He needs to follow the example of the One whom he claims as his Savior – or does he really?

    He’s an ordained Baptist minister! He gave his first sermon at the age of four! (I would love to hear that one!) What is it with these Black churches and their infant preachers, anyway? No four year old should ever be preaching to any adults! The Lord waited until He was twelve to sit in the midst of the rabbis, and even then the very Son of God who is Himself God – and if ever there was a youth qualified to preach to adults, it was Him! – apparently was content to listen and asked questions!

  4. SkepticalCynic says:

    Would someone please explain to me why he is not in Federal prison for tax evasion? Four and a half million dollars he owes. If I keep reading stuff like this I am going to soon agree with the Irreverend Jeremiah Wright. Do you remember his famous words?

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Who would jail him? A Republican would be called “racist”, and very few have the courage to resist that. A Democrat would be targeting an ally. So no one will punish him as he richly deserves.

  5. SkepticalCynic SkepticalCynic says:

    I want to tell you who will punish him. His Creator. He will be in an especially hot place in Hell right where he belongs for a very, very, long, long time.

    All this talk about hate crimes….he ought to be in prison for all of the damage done by his abetting those riots.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Remember, the word that best describes liberal behavior regarding professed ethical/moral standards is “projection”. When a liberal denounces others for hate crimes, it’s a safe best that no one is guiltier of them than the liberal. (Of course, the reason why “hate-monger” isn’t synonymous with “liberal” is that there are non-liberal hate-mongers .) Incidentally, another psychological term I’ve come across that clearly applies to liberals is “reaction formation”. This is an example of why I now realize that Michael Savage is right about liberalism being a mental disease.

      • SkepticalCynic SkepticalCynic says:

        Tim, I have never understood how a policeman, prosecutor or journalist can know if hate is indeed involved in any deed. To my way of thinking the person would have to say that they hated something to be sure it wasn’t extreme dislike. I can dislike everything about you without actually hating you. Yet, these mind readers can know for sure and never be wrong. BS!

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Quite so. I could see a good argument for punishing crimes of random targeting (which obviously includes hate crimes) more strongly. But one problem with “hate crimes” is that certain victim groups (such as urban black activists) refuse to accept that their group can be guilty of a hate crime, and often pressure the politicians (and thus the police, who answer to those politicians) never to call them such.

  6. GHG says:

    My personal believe is that hell is not a place were all the damned go to spend eternity together. Rather it is total isolation, away from the love of God. The damned will spend eternity with their regrets, all alone. That is hell. That is Sharpton’s fate.

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