When the Air Hits Your Brain

WhenAirHitsYourBrainSuggested by Brad Nelson • This book tells the story of Frank Vertosick’s metamorphosis from naive intern to neurosurgeon through intimate portraits of his patients and nerve-jangling descriptions of surgical procedures. Riveting, poignant, and sometimes shockingly funny.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    This is another interesting book by Frank Vertosick – wickedly interesting. Forget “ER.” Forget any medical program you’ve ever seen on TV. This is the real thing, described brilliantly. And Vertosick’s tone is so free from the holier-than-though god-like physician attitude. It’s a pleasure to read. It feels as if you’re sitting down and talking with a bud over a beer rather than some stuffy doctor trying to sound important. You get the details and don’t have to wade through a bunch of BS, nor do you feel he’s sugarcoating anything to burnish his own image or that of his profession. For anyone interested in “ER” or TV shows like that, this is a must read. This is the real thing, and far more interesting.

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