A Strong Delusion

rapemelania2by Glenn Fairman   11/13/16
Because it is ideologically ill-disposed to understand the motives that inform human nature, socialism’s grasp of the human sciences is mortally flawed. Thus: politics, culture, history, and economics are viewed through a warped prism that distorts the full depth of reality. But even though it is an audaciously evangelical worldview that seeks to mold and explain the totality of the human condition using solely materialist terms, the socialist model is surprisingly resilient to critique. To be sure, to the Left it has attained the quality of a secular faith, and the altruistic moral philosophy undergirding the science of the collective is deemed untouchable. Yea, even while its stunning failures invariably bring down governments and consign its critics to either public humiliation or re-education camps for the commission of its own peculiar vintage of blasphemy, its penchant to evoke fanaticism remains unabated.  For this catechism of flesh, which has shut the skies to supplication, the only entreaty left to political man is the golden calf of the Universal Homogenous State.

Had socialism’s prime article of faith: “The Heavenly City wrestled down to Earth,” not appealed to the transcendent longing in man for a temporal version of celestial happiness, it would have no doubt gone the way of all failed political schemes. But the rebel heart’s rejection of God carries with it deep rooted consequences, since the ever-desiring soul cannot abide the yawning vacuum of the moral-political sphere being scrubbed free of perfection’s lofty arc. Therefore, the yearning heart will rationalize each and every socialist failure as the cruel conspiracy of a wicked adversary or by reasoning that socialism had not travelled far enough in its earnest endeavor at jump-starting mankind’s moral evolution. If mistakes were made, they were due to half-measures; and if the full draught of humanist science had been applied with the firm and merciless hand of surgical precision, the malleable human animal could redeem its nature and reign as gods. As all true believers will attest to, each expulsion from the Garden requires a redoubled effort for the serpent to impose its will upon those dwelling in the bliss of ignorance.

It is against this backdrop that one might seek to understand the shock of the populist November Revolution and how it has wounded the Marxian-Hegelian historical eschatology. The standard narrative informing the Progressive worldview predicts that the foreordained End of History will usher in a storehouse of freedoms by virtue of the State’s evolving benevolence. When its enemies of reaction are broken, the outcome of the final dialectical struggle will breathe life into a redeemed human nature. Having been healed of all vestiges of its false consciousness and alienation, the people of the earth will finally pass beyond the birth bangs of good and evil. During this great millenarian chrysalis, the withering away of contentious philosophy that spawned every bloody political crusade will culminate in the reconciliation of man to his brethren.  In this humanist gospel, the world returns to one accord, as mankind merits the Garden by virtue of his own heavy lifting.

How unfortunate for the faithful, however, that the unfolding of recent events in both Europe and America have stricken the prophesy, as the intelligentsia of the West have been stupefied by a perverse retrograde force boiling in the minds of men. Indeed, this supposed irresistible Will to Globalism has found itself upended by the rough and unshaven masses whose “narrow” interests are distanced from the enlightened quest for a new world ecumenical order. Like hordes of mice, they have nibbled through the bowstrings of mighty Assyria as the nationalist contagion spreads – threatening to pull down every ivory tower of those who would be the Masters of Men.

Cocooned within the reverb chamber of Progressive orthodoxy, the Left stands aghast at the grubby dissenters of utopia occupying Middle America: those counter-revolutionaries spiking the vision by hacking away at the augured City of Man. Having long ago initiated cultural civil war, the Clintonistas marvel not so much that they are engaged in battle, but that they, having full access to the wealth and agitprop of the status quo, were taken down on their own terms by squalid faceless creatures whose trailer park convictions should have been drowned in the waters of superior reason. But like Moses in the bulrushes, Providence intervenes and liberty often escapes, bringing with it unseen consequences.

It is a living truth that many people who conduct their lives in the maw of The Great Blue do not come into significant contact with men or women who possess a different viewpoint on politics and culture. They know of no real in-the-flesh opposition and their understanding of the Constitution is corrupted by ten thousand half-truths before they reach the voting age. The Right, conversely, must continually resist being baptized in the smug secular acid baths of popular culture.  We, by default, swim in it if we are in any way at all engaged in: its entertainments, its NEWS, and its educational/indoctrination systems. We would be liars if we claimed that these temples of elite culture were not dismissive and antagonistic to our traditional constitutionalism and morality.

The forces countering the Left (I do not say that they are conservative) prevailed because their adversaries set up a caricature of the Right as a strawman to tilt swords against – all from the safe space of their own cardboard strongholds. Their champion wielded a sword dripping with more of her own blood than that of her enemy. As one of the most detestable candidates in American history, the Democratic party outfitted her in its own porous armor, the same armor worn by their previous Golden Child.  It proved insufficient for the task at hand and was rejected (at the time that I am writing) if not by a plurality of Americans, then by an aggregate of them.

Conversely, if those of the Right have attained a clear understanding of radical motives and agendas, it is because we are bombarded with them on a daily basis and have tangibly witnessed the eroding of our political position over real time by executive fiat. If the Left has been gut-punched and are now reeling in incredulity at what has occurred, it is because the foundations of their politics and the strength of their relative positions were deeply embellished and motivated more from wishful thinking than from a sound understanding of what a moral-political tidal wave coming from Main Street could do. To their enduring horror, it all turned out to be the populist blowback par excellence – historically more stunning than even 1980. In the end, the whorish media brought forth strong delusion, and its acolytes believed its lie.

And finally, an answer to the “Progressive,” whose white hot venom lays charge that America’s future has somehow been snatched away by those illegitimate Huns of Reaction:

If we are reactionary, then it is because we are responding to an assault on our republic’s first principles, and you are now mournfully surprised that we would not roll over and hand you our national birthright without a fight. Your protests do not arise from our attack upon your liberties, but from your own bad faith over a heated contest where your thumb was on the scale and you pressed home every advantage, including the considerable propaganda organs of the expansive state. You will find that our resolve is ever firm, and that we possess the means to secure our rights—both from the rule of law and from the right of self-preservation that flows from the God of Nature or Nature’s God. Should you proceed with your violent tantrum to take by force what was won in fair engagement, you have no idea the resources that we can bring to bear, if necessity bids us, to rise up and smite you down.

Glenn Fairman returns from the wilderness and writes from Highland, Ca.
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29 Responses to A Strong Delusion

  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The never-ending battle goes on.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    The problem is that conservatives are willing to “live and let live” — but liberals are determined to impose their will on everyone. This leads to problems, and not just over homosexuality — it leads to rural voters having their lives run by urbanites who have no idea of what’s involved in running a farm. Or Hillarycare — a healthcare plan set up by lawyers to tell doctors what to do.

    But ultimately, if the left is determined to seize violently what they were unable to win by legitimate means, you’re right that they’ll find out who it is who has most of those 300 million guns.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      if the left is determined to seize violently what they were unable to win by legitimate means

      They may be able to win temporary power legitimately, but they will never be able to hold on to it without violence because their ends are illegitimate.

    • Steve Lancaster says:

      “The problem is that conservatives are willing to “live and let live” — but liberals are determined to impose their will on everyone”

      The problem that those not of the progressive persuasion often believe that winning a victory should instruct progressives of their error. It does not, almost as soon as the results became final come the cries from progressives for “unity and efforts to work together”. Of course, this is nothing but misdirection they have no intention of working together or unity. Their goal is to use our own good will to all against us, and it has been a successful strategy for the last 100 years. The only way is to oppose them is with all resources, we can beat them back into relative submission and we should.

      My military forefathers, and I suspect parents and grandparents of most of the readers here, would not accept any condition but victory. Victory is the only condition that allows for magnanimity to a defeated foe. We would have fewer and briefer wars of the real and cultural kind only when the only goal is victory. Trump’s election is a win in what is a centuries long battle, it is not the end of the war.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Quite true. One might consider Tolkien’s argument at one point The Lord of the Rings that whenever the Shadow is defeated it takes another form and comes back. One might also consider the meeting between Harley Hudson and Ted Jason during the vote count at the convention in Capable of Honor, and their mutual awareness of liberal hypocrisy of the sort you mention.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        I think to understand Progressives is to understand utopianism. And we must first state that we’ve taken Utopia far further than we could have ever imagined. Large cities are the centers of high culture. They are amazing.

        Large cities are the product of high science, high tech, and high organizing. It is pointless to critique the Progressive zeitgeist without noting that they have very good reason to believe things can get better.

        Now, obviously their organizing principle can go cuckoo. They’ve taken this kind of thinking that works for building large cities and have applied it to the whole planet which now falls under their purview to be engineered (thus the whole global warming/climate change thing). This is a sign of them Thinking Really Big.

        The problem with Utopianism, of course, is that there are real limits. As much as people may want to share a pleasing delusion and pretend that some Dark Reactionary Force is responsible for the problems of utopia (not human nature or some other natural limit), at the end of the day someone has to play the adult. Rudy Giuliani (successfully mixing social liberalism with conservative law-and-order) played the adult for New York City for a while and cleaned up much of the crime. That city has since reverted to the state of a child’s beliefs.

        One of the main problems with the present vein of utopianism is it has become de-masculinized. Instead of dealing with some of the hard problems wrought by human civilization, the tendency now is to find a safe space, either physically or psychological (sometimes both, of course). The “safe spaces” for the adults is the continued belief that we can power our economics on mere unicorn farts and wishful thinking, that their own shit doesn’t stink, and that if they all just click their heals together and REALLY BELIEVE, they will then magically be transported home to where everything works right just because that is what they desire.

        It’s arguable that with Trump, we have (relatively speaking…which shows how far we have digressed) an “adult” type of person as the president-elect. He certainly won by offering people a better material future which fits in the overall utopian scheme of always Progressing and having more. But he also didn’t completely wallpaper over some of the unpleasant excesses of utopianism that must be cleaned up…such as illegal immigration and environmental wacko-ism over-regulation.

        It’s thus highly ironic that the libtards and anarchists rioting in the streets are rioting against a force who, for all intents and purposes, is going to change their diapers and re-heat their bottle of milk. Trump is going to (hopefully) turn a few levers of Big Government to drain some of the swamp of utopian excesses. But no conservative or Christian should delude themselves about the overall project being in jeopardy.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Of course, liberal utopianism isn’t all that good for cities, either. Just study the history of urban renewal, and check out Jane Jacobs.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            I completely agree with you, Timothy. The context is that I view cities an an enormous, and largely wildly successful, project of: one, human yearnings; two, science-and-technology; and, three, free-market economics (all under the umbrella of a freedom-based society, of course).

            What has happened is that the “human yearnings” part of the equation is strangling the other two. “Climate change” and other garbage shows the corruption of science by untethered yearnings. The corruption of free-market economics by the yearning of economic utopianism are well documented. And central control is rapidly replacing our freedoms. Some of this I would posit is a necessary trade-off for living in these island-cities.

            But mostly I say we’ve simply gotten out of balance. Frankly, if these city-slickers would get a little sheep shit on their pants leg every once in a while, it might ground them in something other than their utopian urban dreams.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I get what you’re saying, Glenn. It’s just that with the elevation of Trump, I feel less bold about telling everyone how moral the right is and how immoral the Left is. I feel less bold in the same regard toward materialism, for the “Great” in “Make America Great Again” means materially greater.

    As Trump squawked, it’s the “Republican party” not “the Conservative party.” I believe him. And he has a point. But the undertow to that is that the Republican party means Big Government.

    Although the Alinsky America-hating Elite at the top has no particular care for people getting along (stoking division is how they gain power), the legions of lower-tier useful idiots genuinely do believe in trying to get along better even if they are unaware or uncaring regarding the dark side of “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” and “tolerance.”

    In theory, old-style Christianity and conservatism is about the reining in of appetites, of making adult choices between various options, and being ethical and fact-based, no matter how inconvenient.

    But the Christians on this site seemed to go out of their way to paint Trump as some great leader, which he may turn out to be. But “great” will highly depend on one’s definition. I think it is inevitable with his temperament that we have lots and lots of controversy and bullets being shot into one’s own foot.

    A friend of mine sums it up by saying “If it takes a capitalist pig to fix things, then so be it.” My friend is wise because he recognizes first off, that the man is a pig. That is no small thing these days as the kool-aid flows in torrents.

    I believe a regulated, regimented society is inevitable, if only because we are living more and more in the compact and artificial environs of big cities. The cause-and-effect of human behavior is necessarily more distant because the trains need to run on time, so what if some bum is urinating on the tracks. The life is the system. And this system frees us necessarily from a whole lot of normal consequences. And we necessarily become used to fitting into the system. Any philosophy above or outside the system becomes mere intellectual fluff.

    One must also come to grips with the girlification of society. Only that type of society could seek “safe spaces” and generally get the vapors and learn emotional fragility as a means of manipulation. We need to man-up. And aside from grabbing pussy, if there is one mandate in this elevation of Trumpism it is manning-up. Few want to talk about the girlification of society so we talk about it in terms of “political correctness” and such. But what Trump did was man-up a number of things even while giving Bruce Jenner access to the ladies room and supporting (now) gay marriage.

    If the forces of the Left have prevailed because of the right being made a caricature, they now will have lots of fresh material. One of the things Trump did not do (something Dennis Prager says is a must) is run against the Left. Instead he mostly ran on a platform of material economic gain. So, as I had summed-up elsewhere, we’re going to perhaps see if someone can finally make work together social liberalism and economic conservatism. I suspect it will be difficult to drain the swamp if you don’t pull a few weeds as well.

  4. Glenn Fairman says:

    Patting ourselves on the back for the lesser of two evils is the position that the Right finds itself in. We could be pleasantly surprised or this could be a mixed bag draw. It is abundantly clear that the culture war is morphing into a civil war of sorts and I can’t see anything but ugliness on the horizon. Even Leonard Cohen is dead.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      On the other hand, there is some good news there. In Oregon, where the Demagogues generally did well, they lost the Secretary of State position. Their incumbent was a militant social liberal best known for destroying a business (Sweet Cakes by Melissa) over homosexual “marriage”. There’s a TownHall article on this and other good news from the election. The link is:


      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        One of the things I can admire about the do-gooder goons on the Left is that they’re willing to pay a short-term price for long-term gain. Yes, you might throw an official out of office once in a while. It’s a known phenomenon that the leaders of any movement tend to garner the arrows.

        But will Oregon actually repeal any of their homo marriage laws and such? Doubtful. So let’s give credit to the outgoing Secretary of State for taking one for the team. We have so few of those on our side. But if there are longer-term ramifications to Oregon voting in a new Secretary of State, let us know. I’ll try to keep my eye on it as well.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Arguably, Trump is the lesser of two evils. But I simply submit that he’s a potential better manager of the Behemoth. This, after all, is the guiding principle of the RINO wing of the Republican Party. And perhaps that’s all we can expect these days. It might even be enough in the short-term.

      Regarding the culture wars, I believe the elevation of Trump, despite the rioters who have no idea of the realities, is a very large white flag being waved. Gay marriage. Accepted. Big Government and entitlements. Accepted. That Trump doesn’t think business is evil means he’s not a Marxist, and that’s a big step. Whether that is any kind of triumph in the culture war is debatable. It might be just a temporary truce.

      What Trump’s populism ultimately means is the further ratcheting of the “us-vs-them” culture. He is our hero, by proxy. But what me need if far more individual moxie than proxy. We will more and more have distant and all-powerful managers at the top while “self-government” becomes more of a punchline or distant memory. Yes, Trump is our manager, but does anyone expect him to do anything but concentrate more power in Washington and thus power the elite?

      One of Trump’s latest proposals is for the state to spur the growth of daycare facilities and eldercare. This may be all well and good, but this is not decreasing the centrality of the Federal government in our lives from cradle to grave. And the only moral sphere in competition to this statism is conservatism which says that we will take care of ourselves.

      So who is actually winning the culture war? The most that conservatives can do is win one inside their heads, for the battlefield itself is heavily populated by the Tiger II tanks of the Nannymacht.

  5. Rosalys says:

    “Had socialism’s prime article of faith: ‘The Heavenly City wrestled down to Earth,’ not appealed to the transcendent longing in man for a temporal version of celestial happiness, it would have no doubt gone the way of all failed political schemes. But the rebel heart’s rejection of God…”

    “But the rebel heart’s rejection of God…” There is the crux of the problem. The solution is the Gospel.

  6. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Rich Lowry has a harmonic article, America is Not a Safe Space:

    The post-election mayhem could be written off as the work of an unruly fringe, if it weren’t that the Democratic party is so beholden to the sensibilities of its cosseted youth, whom it mistakes for the shock troops of the future. A party that considers it forbidden to say “all lives matter” because it will offend the enforcers of political correctness is a party that is going to have trouble appealing to Middle America.

    One thing that Trump could do, especially if this mob is supposedly so interested in democracy,” is ask the protesters in each mob to elect a representative who would then meet in a roundtable televised live discussion with president-elect Trump whereby they could discuss their grievances.

    This is risky, but Trump would have nothing to lose. Most likely the protesters would once and for all come off as the nuts that they are and Trump would be seen not as the ogre but the respectful president willing to listen to dissenters. I’m not sure what the Kung half of the Kung & Nelson Political Consultancy thinks about this, but it’s a thought.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      I will have to think about this.

      One of the obvious downsides of such an act would be the possibility that Trump would react, somewhat badly, to the insults these people would, no doubt, hurl at him. He would then look anything but “respectful.”

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        One of the things that propels my thinking on this, Mr. Kung, is that Trump has an opportunity to bust through what is considered normal. This is for better and for worse, of course. But he is going to disappoint a lot of people if he just does the same-old, same-old. He has a mandate, most of all, to be Donald Trump. Wouldn’t the normal Apprentice-style Trump sit down and tell these yutes what they need to hear?

        Yes, I want Trump “managed” in terms of not going off on petty and vindictive tangents. But I’ll also acknowledge that he has some unique talents, particularly in engaging issues in ways that the stuffy old political class has abandoned to the boredom and stifled safety of their normal ways.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Maybe Trump could have Pence talk to them. I’ll bet he could pull it off without having a bad reaction (as Trump all too easily could).

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            I think a little bit of a bad reaction is just what the doctor order. Forgive my French, but Trump could be the first president to tell someone to go eff themselves and get away with it.

    • Glenn Fairman says:

      Do the youth of today actually believe that this ideological infantilism of safe spaces and safety pins is a worthy place to park their honor? One’s inability to entertain and debate an opposing idea means that you have effectively insulated yourself from the possibility of free inquiry – and adulthood. This, is cowardice par excellence. The only act more craven and revealing is their destructive mayhem under cover of darkness — all because a tantrum was reckoned as courage through sad and pitiful eyes.

      BTW, AT picked this up for 11/16.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        One way that I parse this, Brother Glenn, is that being entitled to your feelings — the validation of the expression of them, no matter what — is that it is the next logical step beyond mere material entitlements.

        You can call your fine and trusted Editor “A big, fat, Establishment Republican pig who believes in coercing everyone to his point of view via statism and, by the way, Frank Sinatra is over-rated.” You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. And I’m not entitled to listen to it or even respect it. Every sphere of open and free life of free association has various rules specific to that social sphere. It’s not honoring “free speech” to yell “Fuck the pope” in a Catholic Church any more than it is “free speech” to yell “fire” in a crowded movie theatre (presumably it would by okay in an uncrowded one).

        Let me amend that. You might technical have the right, but I also have the right to punch you in the nose for being a Vandal.

        But today’s yutes are being raised to be little monsters. No bloody noses will follow their misbehaviors. Instead they will be patted on the back and be given a gold star for their daring and brave expositions of “social justice.” They are Little Monsters for this reason and others. They are taught, for example, “tolerance” while showing very little for others. They are the children in their highchair screaming bloody murder because they want their ice cream and they want it now and there will be hell to pay if they don’t get it. The simplistic and stupid doctrines reduce them to the state of children (spoiled children).

        Of course, yours truly believes that all these Little Monsters are aided and abetted by feminism whereby the masculine traits of “suck it up, buttercup” are ousted in place of the elevation of “feelings” over standards (including, of course, standards of behavior).

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Emotional entitlement is a natural follow-on to physical entitlement. Ayn Rand foreshadowed this in a scene in Atlas Shrugged between Dagny and Jim Taggart, in which the latter insists he has the right to get whatever he wants just as she does — and never mind the price she pays for whatever she gets.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            Ann Rand got a lot of things right.

            I think there’s a general emotional immaturity being bred in the populace, on both sides, frankly. I’ve seen jokes poking fun of Ted Cruz. They’re funny. But post one making fun of Donald Trump and see if the Grumpy Trumpkins don’t lash out.

            People need to lighten the hell up. There are things to get hot and bothered over (such as “radical” Islam). The election of Donald Trump because you think he’s going to personally come to your door and prevent you from sodomizing each other (or whatever) is not one of them. Nor will he put you in a chastity belt to prevent you from getting an abortion.

            Don’t you fools and freaks get it? He’s one of you on the issues that you care so much about that you riot. Unless your real issue (as I suspect it is) is to just being entitled to being a freeloader.

            Sign me up. Press secretary. That’s the kind of stuff you’d hear.

        • Steve Lancaster says:

          That is an important point, progressives believe, with some justification, that their whacked out ideas do not have consequences for them. They do not suffer if a policy or prediction is wrong, but return to academia, or some think tank and continue to draw 6 and 7 figure incomes.

          Obama, for example, will leave the White House on Jan 20 and take up residence uptown and kibitz every policy decision that Trump makes. I wonder if perhaps the kindest thing we could do for ex-presidents is a mandatory witness protection program in some friendly country far, far away from the closest TV?

          • Timothy Lane says:

            This is something I noticed over 30 years ago, from coverage of the Yonkers scattered-site housing in National Review. Opposition to this attitude (and support for the “forgotten man”, though I was unaware of the original meaning of the term) has been the key to my politics ever since.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            Seeing what we’re seeing, Steve, I get a better understanding for the “off with their heads” French Revolution…..another crisis the Left did not squander. It was an over-reaction. But one can understand the frustration with a smug elite while the rest of the people are treated like cattle.

            Every society has parasites. We have them at the bottom (welfare queens, thieves, etc.) and at the top (the political class).

            But we need to help those in dire need. And we need office-holders. What’s lacking in this equation is the manliness to call a moocher a moocher and an elitist parasite an elitist parasite. Call it narcissism or whatever (I call it “feminism”), but we’ve lost the ability to hold people to standards.

            That is, we’ve become moral retards. We lack even the most basic abilities of wise discernment. We’ve taken on the mindset of a soundbyte in our thinking process. No society can be good and prosperous living by simplistic rules, including the rule “If you don’t support the stupid and insane policies of the elitists, then you’re a racist.”

            Unfortunately, Trump is simply a continuation of the simple-minded soundbyte. He is our mini French Revolution. More than one Trumpkin has expressed an “off with their heads” sentiment. Trump may do some needed good things. But it is for sure that he will widen the split between thoughtful citizen republican keeping an eye on his public servants and the serf/overseeing-lord relationship we are tending to.

            Trump is merely our Robespierre demagogue. He’ll lop of a few needed heads, but will he actually leave our republic sounder than it was? He is our Tribune, and all Tribunes become demagogues because they profess to be the protector of “the people.” Well, we see “the people” marching on the street. “The people” are a mob when they become a collective. What we need is a president of thoughtful citizens.

            The truly laughable thing is that parents across this country are spending tens of thousands of dollars to send their adult children to the equivalent of Kindergarten. Yes, they may get a useful degree. But what is for sure is they will learn the dogma of “safe spaces.” If the military makes a man out of a man (or a woman, for that matter), our culture, best exemplified by the university, makes children of them. Spoiled children. Rotten children.

            • Timothy Lane says:

              Actually, I doubt many of the snowflakes get a useful degree. Most no doubt are in the liberal madrassas, such as Black Studies (and, sadly, most of the humanities these days).

              We shall see if the Trump administration is the GOP equivalent of the Committee of Public Safety (all of whom ended up on the guillotine except Marat, stabbed in his bath by Charlotte Corday).

  7. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    A brilliant article by Mark Steyn taking the piss out of those snowflakes of the Left who can’t accept Trump’s win.


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