A Poem to the People of America

by Gibblet10/14/16

What do you do when your boat’s goin’ down?
You turn to God, and pray
What do you do when the enemy surrounds?
You turn to God, and pray

What do you do when all seems lost,
When you’ve lost your way
and you’re tempest tossed?
It’s just natural to pray

What do you do when you’ve slept instead
of keeping watch and using your head;
when you’ve let the oil run low in your lamp,
and the enemy floods into your camp?

You should do what you should have done all along,
when you strolled past the graves whilstlin’ a song,
You should turn to the One who’s example is set
for the way you should walk, lest you forget

Turn from the things which lead you astray,
to follow the light, while it’s still day
Truly, darkness is coming swift and sure,
because men have run towards the shadow’s allure

Why do we wait until tragedy comes
to turn to the One who gave us His Son
It’s rhetorical now, because tragedy waits
to dish out its misery on each of our plates

Unless every citizen turns like the tide,
then maybe the tempest He will subside
If, from turning and praying, we do refrain
then, this once great nation will go down the drain

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7 Responses to A Poem to the People of America

  1. Anniel says:

    Oh Gibblet, this poem is the center of truth for all of us. I think of the days when poets were troubadours, the ones who traveled and disseminated news and hope to the courtiers, and then to the commoners so that all recognized the enemies of the realm.

    You are our troubadouress here.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    As it happens, I’m currently reading Bill O’Reilly’s Killing the Rising Sun. He has an incident at Okinawa (which I just read about) involving a company of troops that had to infiltrate an escarpment after a couple of major assaults had failed. One of the soldiers, a Seventh-Day Adventist, was praying for protection before the effort. Whether because of that or not, they made it to the top without loss — and the troops thought they knew Who to thank.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    If ever there was a time to pray for the country, it is now.

  4. Rosalys says:

    Great poem, Giblet. Wonderful truth. Whatever happens to the United States of America that we have known and loved, God does not, will not abandon His own. Pray for our nation for it is filled with souls who need Him.

  5. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Here’s an interview with Susan Conroy, author of Praying with Mother Teresa about Mother Teresa’s saintly life. Conroy refers to her as “a living prayer.”

    I know it’s sacrilegious to believe that prayer is more efficacious than getting online and bitching, but there are those who believe the former.

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