A New World

by James Ray Deaton11/17/15

Westward the course of empire made its way
to the east and back again
A camp of saints greet with tender arm
the low bobbing rafts

The close stony beaches of Lesbos
disremember an obsolete Thermopylae
Higher philosophies and blankets
await multitudes of need

Capital and comfort and coffee houses
breed insight and enlightenment
Dead white men are but embarrassing relics
of a superstitious past

Iambic pentameter gives way
to calls to prayer
Millennia-built civics are revealed
offensive and provocative

A new Old World aborns apace
with new noises and new blood
Not a province for diluted people
unveiled and untempered

The rough beast slouches froward
its eye yet pitiless
Sees what it sees and wants what it wants
And it wants it all

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One Response to A New World

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Things certainly fall apart, and unless this second (or third) coming isn’t blocked, the center will not hold.

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