A New Transvaluation

genderbreadthumbby Glenn Fairman6/6/16
In the decades prior to our great descent into this hyper-tolerant hamster cage of the West, homosexuals lived their lives in a state of uneasy tolerance as general society averted its gaze and made peace with the accommodation.  But as time passed this adaptation could never be sufficient of itself. Soon, liberalism’s relentless and expansive enterprise of humanistic self-actualization demanded that we travel far beyond this social compromise, even to the point of manipulating human institutions deeply rooted in the inferences of both nature and revelation.

And it came to pass that in the interest of this novel conception of human autonomy, nature and teleology were jettisoned when their formidable barriers butted up against the quivering rage of the egalitarian heart: an emotion-sotted passion that “wants what it wants,” even at the dire expense of civilization itself. And moreover, if the unforgiving non binaryshape of one’s genitalia refused to square with the phantom self’s image, it was then decided that the responsibility for our correction was to be borne by civil society. Hereafter, the hammer of the state’s irresistible power would be brought to bear — to dry every tear precipitated by a dictatorial nature’s cruel shuffle of the deck.

Today, the great muddled thought processes of the indoctrinated are presented with a multiplicity of genders before them like some sumptuous buffet: a veritable feast wherein an emancipated humanity might pick and choose their erotic flavor of the day.  Mood and inclination will now trump nature as we become sexual flies of a season, owing no quarter to God or man as our sexual identities spin like a carnival wheel —alighting on a moment’s temporal fancy.

The only problem with this elitist idyll is that any man possessing a modicum of good sense knows this is a sham. Those 31 hypothesized New York City genders are merely homosexuality’s obfuscationalist window dressing, and it makes little substantial difference whether an aging decathlete parades about in a push-up bra or a pathetic wretch submits his flesh to the horrors of surgical mutilation. It is the object of one’s erotic preoccupation that is the key here, and since nature genderbreadhas supplied humanity with only two biologically accommodating genetic variations (excepting the tragedy of mutational error) the gender fraud can be reduced down to men who desire men and women who prefer women.  The sordid details of micro-genders are merely the mental abstractions offered up to deluge our capacity for discernment while at the same time drowning all dissent in a choking cesspool of irrationality.

Listen: There is no reason that a mere fragment of the general population that are identified as some sub-species of homosexuality should be the veritable tail that wags the dog — and therein, recalibrates our default notion of what it means to be male and female. From these ancient and formidable sexual templates flow our notion of the family, and their ripples extend out into every institution — forming our moral judgments relating to love, happiness, virtue and vice. If the truth be told, the jihad for the blanket acceptance of homosexual unions, assailing nature’s man–woman ideal, is not strictly a homosexual agenda. Gays alone could not perform the feats that are now commonplace in our downward arc of cultural disintegration.  The real target in sight is no less than the homogenization of mankind achieved through the obliteration of the Judeo-Christian apprehension of the world. Ultimately, this latter goal is the true prize that the Deconstructors of the West would have us zealously put to the torch in the service of severing past from future. If those who would be our masters can redefine rigid constructs of human sexuality, there is little they cannot do.  Malleability, even if contrary to the iron imperatives of nature, is the key to achieving the Universal Homogenous State.

According to those regressive termites who serve as the ideological shock troops of societal decay, all moral judgments proceeding from ancient wisdom radiating across the entire breadth of history have been malevolently wrong — until the great and flowering tolerance of the decadent West made its appearance on the world stage. Such an confusedunfettered transvaluation is the child of both arrogance and civilizational amnesia. To posit the definition of a group’s core identity, not on the firm bedrock of the natural, but solely on the carnal object of that group’s erotic desire is a tenuous identity at best, and any attempts to sidestep nature for the shifting winds of political expedience are ultimately contrary to the biological function of the twin sexes — and as spiritually sterile as the fleeting coupling of males.

To stay coherent and survive as an intelligent race, we must ground the biological/natural institution of the human family on something more enduring than the capriciousness of homosexual romantic love.  We must think logically and prudently about the future of radical public policies, while evading the hyper-egalitarian ramblings of Progressive Sirens: those civilizational Berzerkers who are skilled only in unraveling and promoting their darkened incarnation of the pathological humanist will. If we possessed the moral courage, we could readily defeat those whose ill-considered aim is to transmute the fundamental blueprint of Creation with their own Synthetic City of the Perverse. Sadly, barring a revival of supernatural proportions, America will not enjoin battle – we have travelled too far down that highway to Sodom and its judgment.

The only diversity now acceptable to the spirit of this age must include without question the full human panorama of depravity, while Judeo-Christianity’s narrow path can only be interpreted as a carnal blasphemy. The stark implications of this brave new politics are reserved only for the judgments of which orifice to plunder or which tower to next cast down. Humanity’s guardrails are down —let every thoughtful soul proceed cautiously at his own quaking peril.

In the end, we are called to a standard more elevated than the quenching of our temporal passions and reveling in some audacious justice that seems charitable in our own eyes.  It is the greatest of follies to affirm the politicized and inherently emotionalist judgments of a decadent generation by demolishing structures which should have remained as primordial boundaries, respected and untouched.

Glenn Fairman returns from the wilderness and writes from Highland, Ca.
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19 Responses to A New Transvaluation

  1. Rosalys says:

    Absolutely, Glenn! I can’t argue against anything in your article. America’s problem (note that I say problem, not problems – for there is only one, and all other problems stem from the one) is a spiritual one. Only a Christian revival of massive proportions, as in what happened in Nineveh under Jonah’s hellfire and brimstone preaching, is going to turn us around. While I doubt that the United States will be saved, individuals can and will continue to be. Look to the Savior, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart, and confess with your mouth, and be saved!

  2. Rosalys says:

    About a year ago I read an article about a naked man, using a tanning booth in a women’s locker room. A woman, who was understandably upset, especially because her young daughter was in there with her, complained to the management, and she was the one who was banned from the health club. This man self identified as lesbian. So, whatever he calls himself, we have a man who prefers women. So, I asked myself, “What’s the difference?” and “Where will this end?” Time has shown that it will not end. It won’t end unless it is forcibly stopped, and no one is willing to forcibly stop it.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I don’t know if this is what you were reading about, but there was a case at Planet Fitness in which a woman found a transgendered male in the woman’s dressing room. She was most upset — and when she complained, she not only learned that this was acceptable, but that her complaint wasn’t allowed. She lost her membership — though that may have been no real loss.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Welcome back, Glenn.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Those 31 hypothesized New York City genders are merely homosexuality’s obfuscationalist window dressing, and it makes little substantial difference whether an aging decathlete parades about in a push-up bra or a pathetic wretch submits his flesh to the horrors of surgical mutilation. It is the object of one’s erotic preoccupation that is the key here, and since nature

    has supplied humanity with only two biologically accommodating genetic variations (excepting the tragedy of mutational error) the gender fraud can be reduced down to men who desire men and women who prefer women. 

    All that is wonderfully stated. Glad you’re back and in excellent form. I think the response to your essay by many would be something like this.

  5. Tom Riehl Tom Riehl says:

    Hi Glenn. I’ve missed you!

    You came back with some fresh insight and eloquence about Western civilization’s degradation. One of the frequent contributors to another site constantly reminds that there will be national repentance or national death. Probably so, and your essay explains even more about why this is so. Lack of moral courage, not intellectual understanding of our plight, is the key to losing our balance and faith at the societal level.

  6. Timothy Lane says:

    Well, a new (but expected) front has been opened in the transgender war. In Alaska, a male who says he identifies as female was allowed to compete with the girls in a track match. Naturally, he’s doing very well — and since the number of runners was limited, a girl had to be kept out to make room for him. So in the name of non-discrimination on the basis of “gender”, we now have mandated discrimination against a woman on behalf of a confused boy. This was reported at Town Hall at the following link:



    One of Glenn’s best. And indeed, as he says the sexual revolutionaries (feminists, gay “rights” advocates, etc.) themselves could not have wrought this much carnage – the people behind this, the new ruling class, know perfectly well the destruction they’re causing and couldn’t care less about gay or “transgendered” “rights”. Their goal is the destruction of Western Civilization and its replacement by a Brave New World kind of dictatorship.

    Supporting them are the legions of useful idiots who feel good about themselves by posturing, that is, supporting these trendy causes in the name of “equality”. Their importance lies in their sheer numbers – they infest every college town and every “blue” state, and I believe them to be incurable. We will never persuade them; either we will have to assert ourselves in some very forceful manner or we will find them permanently occupying the lower rungs on the ladder of the state, making our lives miserable with their petty rules and regulations. Obviously, this process is already well under way.

    • ronlsb says:

      Those occupying the lower rungs on the ladder of state will make our lives much more than miserable. The reason is that those occupying the higher rungs on the ladder will eventually have you in jail if you don’t conform to the thought police. That’s where this is headed.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      we will find them permanently occupying the lower rungs on the ladder of the state

      It’s the lies we tell ourselves that are killing us, not “political correctness,” per se. Trump may be a vulgar bull in a China closet, but he’s not wrong that La Rasa-based judges are biased against white people. Another unspoken truth is that the lower rung (which potentially includes all of us because of human nature) hates “capitalism” because it is an assault on their ability to mooch.

      “Capitalism” is a creativity/production-based enterprise. Socialism is a moocher-based one. This is the only truth that needs to be known to understand why socialism degrades the standard of living (and the morals) wherever it is tried. That this lower run has been portrayed as “victims” is just part of the lie.

      In a sense, seeing the creepy Paul Ryan so easily fling about the “racist” words makes me understand, yet again, why Trump is popular among a certain crowd. I, too, am tired of such feeble creeps. I would prefer there were a middle ground where someone could fight back in a more coherent and principled way. But all we have now is the blunt and stupid instrument of Trump (who I will not be voting for under any circumstances).

      • Timothy Lane says:

        It’s a pity that basic difference between capitalism and socialism isn’t taught better. You have an excellent description of the basic difference between them, which explains why socialism leads to poor economies and fails in the end. (Mussolini, a Socialist who became a Fascist, concluded that capitalism was needed to build up the Italian economy. When they had accomplished this, he could finally impose the socialist economics he still wanted.)

        One might note that this applies to liberal economic policy in general today. They take economic growth for granted and assume it will continue no matter what. Their concerns are for spreading the wealth it creates, and for regulating the creation they assume will happen. Thus, their whole policy is to put more obstacles in the way of production, because that has always worked in the past. The possibility that sometime they may finally place “the straw that broke the camel’s back” will never occur to them.

  8. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    This is an example of the insanity leftists will go to with their “trans-gender” make-believe.


    When I scrolled down and saw the video I first thought I was looking at a man. (Only because it was a man pretending to be a woman.) Look at the other pictures of this guy standing next to the real women in the competition.

    A society without shame is a society which will start fragmenting soon.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      We’re starting to see more and more of this. Sooner or later, they’ll have to choose between accepting transgenders’ delusions or keeping sexually segregated sports and athletics. You can’t do both — but how long they can keep up the pretense, with the assistance of leftist sportswriters and sportscasters, is another question. In the land of the insane, the sane person isn’t king.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Allowing men to pretend to be women and then calling it “courageous.” What could go wrong?

      And remember, Trump also honored this baloney by allowing Bruce Jenner to use the women’s room in Trump Tower. This guy is hardly the secular redeemer.

      It used to be that you would pay your dime at the carnival to see the bearded lady in the Freak Show. Now it’s getting to the point where it’s:

      “Step right up and see the heterosexual masculine Christian man of courage, honor, and duty who is the protector of the weak, the provider for his family, and solid champion of traditional virtue. Only $5.00. Get your tickets while they last.”

      • Timothy Lane says:

        I hope the Christian gets a good cut of the proceeds. In all too many locales, they’ll have no other non-government income source.

      • pst4usa says:

        That’ll be right next to the unicorn show Brad. Neither one of those are real, maybe at one time but certainly not anymore.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Technically, a rhinoceros is a unicorn since it only has one horn. Sort of like the panel on dragons I once attended at an SF con that suggested the medieval image of a dragon was, in essence, a Nile crocodile with wings.

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