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TV Series Review: Game of Thrones (Season 8)

by Steve Lancaster4/26/19
First up: Episodes 1 & 2  •  Season 8 begins, as all HBO series do, with recaps of the previous seasons to bring the casual viewer up to date. At the end of season 7 the wall has fallen to the Night King. More » • (24 views)

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Small Facts and Big Thoughts

by Brad Nelson4/26/19

I the midst of the rabble of boutique-publishing click-bait that passes for thought at American Thinker, Bruce Price wrote something outstanding in K-12: Internet vs. Ignorance. Who Wins? More » • (19 views)

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Documentary Review: They Shall Not Grow Old

by Steve Lancaster4/22/19
Peter Jackson, director of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fame, released this documentary last year. In the copious number of movies and books made about the Great War, this is one of the best—for as much of what it does not do as much as what it does. More » • (105 views)

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by Deana Chadwell4/19/19
As children we passed the time pretending to be grown ups. We were doctors or cowboys or ballerinas or truck drivers. We built forts and made up languages. We played school. We imagined our way through grand adventures – and then, little by little, we turned into adults. More » • (91 views)

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Death, Tents, and Redemption

by Brad Nelson4/19/19
This is one of those times where I’m going to ignore the common of advice of “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” But so much goes left unsaid in our insane culture. And so much that should never be said is amplified by media megaphone. So I’m going to chance it. More » • (317 views)

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Passover 2019

by Steve Lancaster4/16/19
I admit being a secular Jew, also a Marine and retired officer of CIA. I hold citizenship as a native born American and returned Israeli. To my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren I have taught that Passover is not an event that happened some 3000 years ago but is happening now in our daily lives. More » • (153 views)

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Mourning Notre Dame

by Deana Chadwell4/15/19
The news this morning that the Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire knocked the breath out of me. I was amazed at my emotional reaction to the destruction of a building I’ve never visited, a building created by the corrupt medieval Roman Catholic church, a building so old that it should be irrelevant – but it isn’t.  We’re all heartbroken. Why? More » • (201 views)

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TV Series Review: Season II: Westworld (HBO)

by Steve Lancaster4/14/19
In season one, Westworld established the existence of a theme park populated by androids whose single purpose was to be fodder for the rapacious instincts of the human guests. The androids are murdered, abused, raped, and tortured, rebuilt and returned to service the next day. More » • (54 views)

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Bad Neighbors

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke4/9/19
Man Claims NYC Officials are Abetting Neighbor’s Theft of His Property  •  A man’s home is supposed to be his castle. But this is no longer the case in New York City, according to a Brooklyn man who says that Big Apple officials are aiding and abetting a next-door neighbor’s attempt to steal his property. More » • (77 views)

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Movie Review: Anonymous

by Jon N. Hall4/2/19
A Powerful Film Defies the History Books  •  O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention. Sorry about the plagiarism there, but I needed a snappy opening for this movie review. No matter, I’m not likely to be sued, whoever the author might be. And there’s the rub — who the devil wrote those lines? More » • (135 views)

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