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Movie Review: Highwaymen

by Steve Lancaster3/31/19
It is western story as old as Texas. Two Texas Rangers are charged by the governor of Texas to find and bring to justice two outlaws who were robbing banks and killing people in five states. If you get a picture of John Wayne, or Randolph Scott in your mind, don’t feel bad to discover it is not. More » • (252 views)

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What do we Know and How do we Know it?

by Deana Chadwell3/19/19
As I sit here writing, a terrible thing is happening. It started mid-week, but there’s nothing being reported on the national news.  No TV cameras or on-the-street interviews. I saw blurbs on Drudge and Breitbart this morning (Sunday), but no big fuss. More » • (152 views)

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Movie Review: Green Book

by Brad Nelson3/17/19
With parts of Beauty and the Beast, The Odd Couple, Driving Miss Daisy, and Goodfellas, Green Book was the winner for Best Picture in 2018. More » • (138 views)

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Wagons Ho

by Brad Nelson3/15/19
Some friends of mine recently moved from Libtardville to The Frontier. I won’t tell you which frontier or which people because I told them I would keep them anonymous (thus the mangling of pronouns as we go along). More » • (101 views)

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The Wrong Side of Goodbye

Suggested by Brad Nelson • Two cases confront Harry Bosch. As a part-time detective in the SFPD, he’s after a serial rapists. As a private investigator, he’s been hired by a billionaire to track down an old flame. Nineteenth in the series of 21, the series shows no signs of getting old.
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Fun with Negation

by Jon N. Hall    3/9/18

Not, nor, neither, never, no, un-, in-, a-, il-, dis-, non-, and other means of negation are things without which thought, as we know it, could not exist. More » • (130 views)

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

by Deana Chadwell3/9/19
These concepts – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – are dear, or once were dear, to the hearts of all Americans. These are the sacred rights of all human beings  — “sacred” because they are God-given and are not derived from government, rather government’s only mandate is to provide cover for those rights. More » • (151 views)

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TV Series Review: Babylon 5

by Steve Lancaster3/5/19
Season 3 and part of 4  •  If you’re a science fiction fan you probably have some strong feelings about Babylon 5. Frankly, some criticism is deserved. Most of season 1 and 2 are rarely interesting and seldom much more than a future based reality show (Jersey Girls in space). More » • (90 views)

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