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The Defense of Ft. McHenry

by Pat Tarzwell   11/22/17
In this season, it is a good time to reflect on the things we have to be thankful for.  I am so thankful for God’s grace and love that I cannot express it in words alone.  But there is so much more More » • (56 views)

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The Long Goodbye

Suggested by Kung Fu Zu • Philip Marlowe befriends a down-on-his luck war veteran, Terry Lennox, whose very wealthy nymphomaniac wife ends up dead. Now Lennox is on the lam and the cops and a crazy gangster are after Marlowe.
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Peace, Love, and Helter Skelter

by Tim Jones11/21/17

What do Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and Charles Manson all Have in Common? The sixties.  •  Roger Simon recently wrote a commentary titled Bill Clinton: Godfather of Weinstein and Roy Moore. The premise of his essay is that Clinton changed the culture that paved the way for the bad behavior and all of the other sexual misconduct in the political, entertainment and media realms that seems to be flowing out into the public like a broken dike: More » • (57 views)

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Book Review: The Devil’s Feast

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu11/20/17
By M.J. Carter  •  It is the spring of 1842, four months since Avery and Blake concluded their adventures in “The Infidel Hand.” Avery has been called back to London from his home in Devon, to convince Blake to accept a commission from the powerbroker Sir Theophilus Collinson More » • (34 views)

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Good-Bye to All That

Suggested by Kung Fu Zu • Robert Graves traces the monumental and universal loss of innocence that occurred as a result of the First World War. Good-Bye to All That bids farewell not only to England and his English family and friends, but also to a way of life.
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Movie Review: The Wind and the Lion

by Steve Lancaster11/19/17
This is one of the most romantic movies of the 20th century. There is no sex, nudity, or obscene language, although there is a fair amount of violence. The movie released in 1975 is one of the last filmed in Spain before the death of Franco and therefore had the active involvement of the Spanish government in providing extras More » • (46 views)

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Suggested by Brad Nelson • When beautiful, wealthy Yukiko and low-born artist Noriyoshi are found drowned together in a shinju, or ritual double suicide, everyone believes the culprit was forbidden love. Everyone but newly appointed yoriki Sano Ichiro.
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Movie Review: The Circle

by Brad Nelson11/16/17
This is a documentary of Apple employees in their big new spaceship headquarters. Or a bird’s eye view of Facebook culture. Or a look at Google’s creepy campus culture. Or it is an unwritten short story by George Orwell. The worst case scenario is that you see nothing out of the ordinary. More » • (83 views)

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Violence Is Inherent To The Left

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu11/16/17
It is my belief that modern leftism, be it called progressivism, communism, socialism holds within its very essence the seeds of mayhem and murder. I will attempt to explain why this is so, in the following few paragraphs. More » • (247 views)

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The White Mirror

Suggested by Brad Nelson • Li Du, an imperial librarian and former exile in 18th century China, is with a trade caravan when a detour brings them to a valley hidden between mountain passes. On the icy planks of a wooden bridge, a monk sits in contemplation. Closer inspection reveals that the monk is dead.
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The Blessings of a Low-Budget Christmas

by Brad Nelson11/14/17
There is nothing like the blessings of a comedian-atheist and a low-budget Christmas movie to put you in the spirit for Christmas. More » • (95 views)

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Insurance Devils

by Brad Nelson11/13/17

There’s a reason I’m not a Democrat. People makes mistakes. And very often, those mistakes can be corrected. The world should not generally be completely re-ordered because something bad happened to one person, one time. No amount of laws and bureaucracy can ever keep one bad thing from happening to one person. More » • (90 views)

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