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The Crown

the-crownSuggested by Brad Nelson • Queen Elizabeth II is a 25-year-old newlywed faced with the daunting prospect of leading the world’s most famous monarchy while forging a relationship with legendary Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.
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Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu11/30/16
After returning to America, my family and I were for years devoted viewers of the game show, “Wheel of Fortune.” Almost every week day evening at 5:00 you would find us sitting in front of our TV listening to Pat Sejak ad lib and watch Vanna White touch blank rectangles More » • (834 views)

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The Borough Treasurer

thebureautreasurerSuggested by Brad Nelson • After serving time for fraud thirty years earlier, Mallelieu is now mayor of Haymarket; Cotherstone is the borough treasurer. Both have served the town well. Then a blackmailer arrives in town to capitalize on his knowledge of their background.
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The Revelation of Political Images

tylertooby Anniel11/30/16
I have been thinking about all of the famous political images and slogans, both pro and con, I can remember, even some of those before my lifetime. I remembered “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” which would take a lot of explaining to those who have lost all sense of history. More » • (842 views)

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Flunking Higher Education

libartseducationby Glenn Fairman   11/28/16
Peace Studies, Black Studies, Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, even Marijuana Studies. These “Sensitivity Degrees,” from 40K plus a year universities, are coming home to roost — as our youth begin taking their surly bite out of the “reality sandwich.” More » • (1282 views)

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Tyrants at Room Temperature

deadcastroby Glenn Fairman   11/26/16
Want to know the difference between a degenerate capitalist system and a degenerate socialist system? One fights tooth and claw over marked down Big Screens while the other commits fratricide over the staples that sustain human life. More » • (1021 views)

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A Thanksgiving Meditation

meditationby Glenn Fairman   11/24/16
It is perhaps one thing, on this Thanksgiving Day, to offer praises to God for His blessings when our circumstances are a net positive, or even tolerable. But how does one do it when they are not? More » • (2573 views)

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Rio Grande (1950)

rio-grande-1950Suggested by Brad Nelson • A cavalry officer posted on the Rio Grande must deal with murderous raiding Apaches, his son who’s a risk-taking recruit trying to make up for washing out of West Point, and his estranged wife who has ties to the Old South.
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Mr Pottermack’s Oversight

pottermacksoversightSuggested by Timothy Lane • Mr Pottermack is a law abiding, settled, homebody who has nothing to hide until the appearance of the shadowy Lewison, a gambler and blackmailer with an incredible story.
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Gratitude and Grace

RockwellThanksgivingby Glenn Fairman   11/22/16
Originally broadcast in 2013  •  As another Thanksgiving has come full circle and we again come face to face with a bounty of foods set before us that in most ages would have been relegated to princes and rajahs, let us not forget that this day flows naturally from the wellspring of Gratitude and Grace More » • (1765 views)

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by Glenn Fairman11/20/16

Whatever the reason the cast of Hamilton gave for public consumption, the dressing down of Mike Pence was intended as a petulant display of public humiliation under the guise of haughty moral instruction. More » • (1080 views)

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Right Wing TV

by Brad Nelson11/18/16

Let us take a moment away from our daily grievance (the national pastime, right or left) and enjoy what is good, at least about the artistry of this nation. Here’s some music to set the mood: More » • (843 views)

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