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A Certain Dr. Thorndyke

certaindrthorndykeSuggested by Brad Nelson • This is really two books in one. Half the book is dedicated to the adventures of a Mr. Osmond who has come to Africa to hideout for a time. The other half of the book is Thorndyke’s investigation of a robbery of valuable jewels.
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Lie, Often and Early, No One Remembers

miss-piggyby Anniel10/29/16
The early lies told by Hilary about Trump finally get caught, and no one cares anymore because they have forgotten. Remember Alicia Machado? No? Oh, surely you do. Miss Universe 1996? More » • (722 views)

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Book Review: Truman

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu10/26/16
By David McCullough •  After finishing this biography, I searched the book in vain for the photo of Truman walking on water. Not finding one, I went back and looked for one in which he had wings and a halo. Again, I was disappointed. More » • (645 views)

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Movie Review: Zulu

zuluby Steve Lancaster10/22/16
I have to admit that this is one of my favorite movies. The only thing better would be the opportunity to talk with Chard, or Bromhead. The Battle of Rorke’s Drift takes place in Natal province, Zululand, of South Africa in January of 1879. More » • (1007 views)

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The Two Donald Trumps

by N. A. Halkides10/22/16

That Donald Trump is a divisive figure is a truism that would have no need of utterance except that it matters very much exactly what groups are divided about him. The electorate is divided over him, which was inevitable; the Republican Party, already undergoing a civil war before he showed up on the scene, is divided over him, which is a positive good; More » • (4214 views)

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Crime, Culture, and the Quality of Life

healthylifeby N. A. Halkides10/22/16
I always take my summer vacations in the same small Michigan town.  When I was there recently I saw some things that reminded me of just how important values are in creating clean, safe and pleasant communities. More » • (744 views)

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Alaska as Metaphor

alaskaby Anniel10/19/16
Alaska: The 49th state of the United States. The largest state in the union, with coasts on the Arctic and North Pacific Oceans and the Bering Sea. Separated by Canada from the 48 contiguous states. Capital: Juneau, located in the southeastern panhandle of the state. More » • (899 views)

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Fitzhugh Sound

by Gibblet10/18/16

O’er mirrored pond of Fitzhugh Sound,
from Ketchikan, we’re southern bound
Twin Hinos, humming loud their song
to make 10 knots, push us along More » • (824 views)

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Hey, Millennials, Do Deficits Matter?

FederalDebtby Jon N. Hall10/15/16
Progressives have said that “deficits don’t matter.” Even a few conservatives have said as much. Some, however, like Speaker Paul Ryan, worry that the sharp recent rise in the national debt could lead to a “debt crisis,” More » • (604 views)

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Running Barefoot

runningbarefootby Anniel10/15/16
I hated wearing shoes when I was young. My mother tried her best to make me wear them, but my soles were so thick with calluses I could run over glass and not get too worried about it. My Uncle Joe would wince when he saw me, shake his head sadly, and call me “Daisy May.” More » • (780 views)

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The Year the Frogs Took Over

by Kung Fu Zu10/14/16
On this date in A.D. 1066, i.e. 950 years ago, one of the most important battles in history took place. We know it as “The Battle of Hastings” although it took place some miles from Hastings in a town which is appropriately called “Battle.” The towering opponents in this duel were the Norman Duke William (called “the Bastard” as he was the illegitimate son of a Norman Duke) and King Harold Godwinson, who had been an Anglo-Saxon Earl. More » • (1393 views)

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A Poem to the People of America

by Gibblet10/14/16

What do you do when your boat’s goin’ down?
You turn to God, and pray
What do you do when the enemy surrounds?
You turn to God, and pray More » • (620 views)

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