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by Brad Nelson9/30/16

No (thank God), this is not a post about that Barbra Streisand song. You know me better than that. More » • (978 views)

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Movie Review: The Magnificent Seven (2016)

magnificentseven2016by Steve Lancaster9/30/16
This is the third installment of what has become a classic Japanese story, Seven Samurai (1954). The first was directed by Kurosawa and staring the very talented Toshiro Mifune changed the nature and scope of Japanese cinema. More » • (1077 views)

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The Orchard

by Anniel9/30/16

Daddy was – violent would be the word-
So full of hurt. None of us was certain
He cared at all. And Mom, well she was quiet
As she seemed to hide behind a curtain
Of self-insulating silence. More » • (567 views)

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Do You Hear That?

by Anniel9/25/16

A Poem In Two Voices

His automobile, always new, was my
Father’s sustaining and one true passion.
It took some going, round curves and mountains,
In order to fill his driving ration. More » • (515 views)

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Little Henry

by Anniel9/23/16

Little Henry came with the Easter chicks
That year. He was unlovely and his leg
Was lame. We just had to name him for Dad.
Dad pretended wrath as we let him beg
To be spared the indignity. More » • (416 views)

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by Glenn Fairman9/22/16

A racial mob is like a mindless lava flow, seeking the nethermost passages until its idiot passion is quenched in the sterile depths of the sea. Like a raging imbecile More » • (582 views)

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Sealed with a Fall Equinox

by Brad Nelson9/21/16

First, let’s let Bobby Vinton (or it it Jason Donovan?) set up this next segment with a rendition of Sealed with a Kiss whose primary thought is “Though we’ve got to say goodbye for the summer.” It’s a romantic song. More » • (510 views)

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Teach Your Children…Well???

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke9/21/16
Liberal Mother Pushes Her Little Son into Masquerading as a Girl  •  One of the characteristics of our declining civilization is that, more and more, reality seems like satire. A good example is a recent New York Times article titled “From He to She in First Grade.” More » • (725 views)

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The Clown

by Anniel9/20/16

A Tribute to Ronald McDonald House Charities

“He’s coming! Ronald,
Ronald McDonald is coming!” More » • (647 views)

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As Simple as Apple Pie

by Brad Nelson9/19/16

There’s an old abandoned orchard deep in the woods where I regularly hike. It contains apples from four different kinds of apple trees. The apples fall to the ground and generally go to waste. It doesn’t seem the deer even eat them. I’ll often grab a couple to eat while hiking or biking. More » • (5278 views)

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Cable Series Review: Murder Must Advertise

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu9/19/16
A BBC Drama Mini-Series  •  It is the summer of 1933 and London is hot. A young man falls down the spiral staircase in Pym’s Advertising Agency and breaks his neck. His replacement Mr. Bredon, personally hired by Mr. Pym, shows up rather more quickly than is considered tasteful. More » • (525 views)

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Is Conservatism and its Values the New Counterculture?

countercultureby Tim Jones9/19/16
If I had to guess, being hip began around the time of Prohibition when drinking went underground and it became a form of rebellion in order to stick it in the nose of the government by going to the local ‘Speak Easy’ on a regular basis. More » • (2387 views)

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