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by Glenn Fairman7/31/16

Lying here, in the Belly of the Beast
No man speaks of proud deeds or vain honor
All weep against the shackle, the lash
That cuts the flesh More » • (665 views)

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The Curse of Ham

by Glenn Fairman7/31/16

For the Curse of Ham I walk the earth
A slave to those who bind the wrists
To a country my fathers never knew
I am draped in ebony, for the Curse of Ham More » • (480 views)

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by Glenn Fairman7/31/16

The Slave ships of Tyre steal into the night
Pyramids of Egypt reflect the moon’s light
Slave baby suckles and coos with delight
And we are working, working, working,
We are working for our own salvation More » • (2087 views)

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Book Review: Dumbth

DumthSteveAllenby Timothy Lane7/31/16
By Steve Allen  •  Available for the Kindle  •  This came out a quarter-century ago and was written by a liberal (though not a leftist) entertainer, but has a lot of material here worthy of interest from the conservative viewpoint. More » • (957 views)

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Have the Courtesy to Just Fade Away

Elderyby Brad Nelson7/28/16
I will not mention specifc facility or business names in this essay. And there’s no reason to call 911. The people in question are physically well cared for. That is, after all, the goal of the nanny state, at least regarding seniors. More » • (1757 views)

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Cate Goes to the ER

Emergencyby Anniel7/28/16
Our youngest daughter, Cate, was very precocious and spoke early and precisely, and with a large vocabulary. When she was not yet walking she would kneel at the front window where she taught herself to whistle so she could “talk” to the birds in our big hedge. More » • (603 views)

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The Seven Year Itch

SevenYearItchSuggested by Brad Nelson • A married New Yorker whose wife is away for the summer must control his sexual fantasies when a voluptuous new neighbor moves into his apartment building and wants to make friends.
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New Submission Rules

by the Editor7/26/16

New submission rules for this site: More » • (2140 views)

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A new way to spell tyranny: TYRNC.

BananaRepublicTrumpby Pat Tarzwell5/27/16
Editor’s note: This is stream-of-consciousness writing by Mr. Tarzwell, fresh from a red-eye flight as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. I don’t have time to clean up the spelling nor do I want to. This gives you a glimpse of a man tired, abused, and beaten by scoundrels, but still trudging on (we hope). More » • (2043 views)

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Uncle Charlie Gets Scared Sober

LickingBearby Anniel7/25/16
My father’s youngest brother, Uncle Charlie, was known as a — hmmm, a bit of a scamp? You know the kind, kicked out of movie theaters for scaring girls and making them scream in the serious parts, throwing popcorn from the balcony More » • (855 views)

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Recipe: Beef Stew

by Brad Nelson   7/25/16

Tim’s Elizabeth (or is it Elizabeth’s Tim?) mentioned a stew recipe that sounded good and vaguely similar to mine. So I said I’d post my recipe and compare. More » • (1323 views)

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Vote with Your What?

StatueDavidby Deana Chadwell7/23/16
I’m tired of people boasting that they are “voting with their conscience.” I was confused and appalled to hear Ted Cruz utter those words the other night. Does anyone even know what that even means? More » • (3069 views)

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