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Obama’s Political Correctness Okays Child Rape?

SoldierAndChildby Leigh Bravo9/29/15
Is this really the United States we were meant to be? I find the path in which we are headed becomes more perverse everyday I read the news.  The latest? A Green Beret is dismissed from the Army because he confronted a child rapist in Afghanistan! More » • (1096 views)

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The Seven Deadly Sins: Greed

FOTSthumb2A StubbornThings Symposium9/28/15
Introduction  •  If this quote found on the web is correct, no wonder Catholicism has been so friendly to socialism. Apparently in the Summa Theologiae, Thomas Aquinas said that greed: “is a sin directly against one’s neighbor, since one man cannot over-abound in external riches, without another man lacking them More » • (1401 views)

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John Boehner: Bad Speaker or Worst Speaker?

John Boehnerby C. Edmund Wright   9/28/15
All you need to know about the failed speakership of John Boehner was exposed to the entire world by Boehner himself as he announced his resignation from Congress.  The what, the how, and the why of his failures were succinctly explained when he said More » • (1551 views)

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The ‘Growth Fairy’ and the Federal Deficit

FederalDeficitby Jon N. Hall9/28/15
In August, the Congressional Budget Office projected a $426B federal deficit for fiscal 2015, which ends on September 30. Since the record deficit of $1,412B in 2009, there’s been about a trillion dollars of improvement on the budget More » • (864 views)

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The Bank Job

TheBankJobSuggested by Brad Nelson • The truth of London’s infamous Baker Street bank robbery in September of 1971 is revealed for the first time in this gritty crime thriller. After a government gag order was issued to protect a member of the royal family, the robbery slipped into historical oblivion.
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The Road Within

TheRoadWithinSuggested by Brad Nelson • A young man with Tourettes, another with a germ phobia, and a bulimic girl opt for hitting the road instead of remaining at the clinic where they are receiving treatment for their maladies. A journey of poignant laughs and self-discocery ensue.
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The Empire of Necessity

EmpireOfNecessitySuggested by Timothy Lane • Greg Grandin (author of Fordlandia) authors an interestng and informative study of slavery in the Age of Liberty, the career of New England sea captain Amasa Delano, and the slave mutiny he encountered that was the source of Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno.
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The Key-Lock Man

Key-LockManSuggested by Brad Nelson • A hanging party rules the badlands and a lone rider races for his life. Falsely accused of back-shooting a man as he stood sipping whiskey in a saloon, Matt Keelock takes on a posse of angry men with no more backup than his smoking Colt and a sure-footed horse.
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Funny Anecdotes

by Timothy Lane9/23/15

The first is adapted from a tale by a friend. The noted botanist Joseph P. Edgar was famed for his botanical inventions, which he named after himself (he was a distant cousin of Donald Trump). ONe day he showed a visitor his latest invention, self-planting rice. More » • (725 views)

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Goodbye Oliver Sacks

by Anniel9/22/15

Oliver Sack’s Memoir, On the Move, was published in April of this year. As one of the most loved writers about neurology and the odd things that happen to people when their brains are under assault from illness or injury, there has been remarkably little attention paid to his death. More » • (625 views)

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Book Review: Steampunk

Steampunkby Timothy Lane9/22/15
by Geoffrey Mandragora  •  Steampunk is a type of alternate history dealing with (generally) the 19th Century in which technology is advanced over the actual technology of the time (and sometime ours as well). More » • (758 views)

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Report From CA GOP Convention

by Patricia L. Dickson9/22/15

I had the honor of attending my first California Republican Convention this past weekend. It was held at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, CA, 18-20 September. Upon entering the registration area, I was pleased to see such a diverse group of people of all ages in attendance. More » • (514 views)

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