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The Ten Commandments — #2

TenCommandmentsA StubbornThings Symposium   7/31/15
Introduction  •  We’re almost there, folks, to number one. It’s been a long ride. The essays for #10 (where we started, in reverse order) were published back in June of 2014. We’ve been at this for more than a year now. I’m rather pleased that this hasn’t petered out. More » • (3870 views)

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The Left’s Real Agenda

by Tim Jones7/31/15

The Destruction of Conscience — If everyone is guilty then no one is guilty  •  Leftists want to destroy all traditions, boundaries and especially God because they all impinge on seeking unfettered and guilt-free pleasure. More » • (524 views)

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California’s Water Problems

by John D. Neese7/30/15

California’s water reservoirs have the potential to hold 42 million acre-feet of water, enough to submerge all of Iowa in knee-deep water. Each year one-half of the rain they are able to capture and snow that falls in and on the state is permitted to run off without being “so-called managed” More » • (739 views)

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What is Sweeter than Honey? What is Stronger than a Lion?

Lionby T7/30/15
OK, time to weigh in on the Cecil the Lion story. First let me say that the slaughter of a protected animal is heartbreaking. I understand the rage this kind of thing causes. Tracking and killing the Nemean Lion with his bare hands made Hercules a hero of Greek mythology. More » • (2792 views)

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Voodoo Cab

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu7/29/15
Some thirty years ago, on one of my business trips to New York, I took a cab from La Guardia to Manhattan. My mind being elsewhere, I neglected to tell the driver to go via the Midtown Tunnel. Before I knew it, we were traveling through an area I had not seen previously. More » • (1317 views)

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Red Dust

RedDustSuggested by Brad Nelson • The fetid red dust of a Malaysian rubber plantation is the setting for an adulterous triangle involving the quick-tempered, rawboned manager (Gable), a brassy American (Harlow), and the upper-class wife of a new employee (Astor).
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Bi-Polarizing Trump

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright   7/28/15
Without a doubt, Donald Trump has done the conservative base some tremendous favors recently. He instinctively understands the mood of the country on key issues and is tapping into the anger at all of Washington More » • (4800 views)

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MogamboSuggested by Brad Nelson • Out leading a safari in Kenya, Clark Gable has the choice of Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly on the menu. Both are potentially dangerous wildlife. Will Mrs. Nordley’s marriage survive the hot Gable charm? Can Gardner vixen her way into his arms instead?
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Has Anyone Watched Wayward Pines?

by FJ Rocca7/27/15

My wife and I watched the whole series. She is much more forgiving than I, willing and able to suspend her belief beyond my limits. But I have my standards. In fiction, stories don’t have to be realistic, but they must always be plausible. More » • (472 views)

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The Dangers of Aesthetic Relativism

Relativismby FJ Rocca7/27/15
In the current culture of moral relativism, what is good and right is often determined by popularity, the excuse being that anything is good if it is accepted. This is a distortion of the philosophy of Pragmatism, which actually does not say that everything is morally equal because situations in which actions occur differ. More » • (1669 views)

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Never Again is NOW

by Fashqn7/27/15

As Hitler once worked his dark evil; and many nations stood helplessly by
Losing a part of our heart and soul; and ignoring the sad desperate cries More » • (811 views)

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Betty Crocker Rag

RonNby Brad Nelson7/27/15
My brother was in the office the other day and he debuted the lyrics to a song that he thought I’d like. And I did. I didn’t hear the tune yet (until just now), but I thought it was one of the best things he’d written. He gave me permission to share it here. More » • (1349 views)

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