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Thump It

BibleThumperby Brad Nelson6/30/15
One thing I think is true is that most Christians are babes in the woods regarding homosexual marriage and the various other Leftist initiatives. They, unlike Obama, are weak in regards to making the moral argument. More » • (1617 views)

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2015 Commandant’s Reading List

Booksby Steve Lancaster6/29/15
The common conception of a Marine is that he or she some kind of a knuckle-dragging thug whose sole intellectual foundation is combat. Every few years the Commandant of the Marine Corps publishes a recommended reading list for Marines. More » • (1314 views)

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Marriage: A Ceremony Complicated By Government Interference

Marriageby Leigh Bravo6/29/15
The Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is the new norm.  But the real question is, should the government have any say in what constitutes marriage at all? What if there was a way to stop the controversy? What if we took government out of the business of marriage completely? More » • (1348 views)

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The Irrationalism of Rationalism

SecularHumanistby Tim Jones6/27/15
What Secular Humanism has Wrought: Throwing the Baby out With the Bath Water  •  Society has evolved to the point where it’s creating problems in order to solve them. We’ve become the society of perpetual discontent and planned obsolescence. More » • (1609 views)

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Christianity Must Die

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu6/27/15
Before there was an attack on property, before there was an attack on the free market, before there was the French Revolution, 1848, the Commune or the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, there was a concerted attack on Christianity. More » • (2376 views)

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Know Your Establishment-Men

EstablishmentGOPby N. A. Halkides6/26/15
A Guide to Identification in the Field  •  The fissure in the Republican Party between Conservatives and what I’ve been calling in the pages of ST the “Establishment-men” is not a new phenomenon – we only need consider the 1964 GOP Presidential contest between Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller to realize More » • (2835 views)

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Book Review: Merchants of Despair

MerchantsOfDespairby Anniel6/26/15
Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism  •  by Robert Zubrin, Author, New Atlantis Books, 2012. Available on Kindle.  •  Part One More » • (1269 views)

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Children are Lost without Men

by Brad Nelson6/24/15

This is my conclusion after a multi-million dollar scientific study. If you try to raise children without a father, even if the mother is good and well-meaning, you’re setting the table for disaster. More » • (1547 views)

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Random Thoughts

RandomThoughtsThumb2by Brad Nelson6/24/15
Next month (coming soon!) marks the second anniversary of StubbornThings. I feel like a pompous dweeb making an announcement like this from on high. I never wanted that. This isn’t a Mickey Mouse club with me as head mouse, although some might agree with the mouse part. More » • (1561 views)

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Peter the Great: His Life and World

PeterTheGreatSuggested by Lots of People • Massie chronicles the events that shaped a boy into a legend—including his travels in Europe, his curiosity about Western ways, his obsession with the sea and establishment of the Russian navy, his creation of a strong army, his transformation of Russia, and his relationship with Catherine.
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Pacific Crucible

PacificCrucibleSuggested by Brad Nelson • On the first Sunday in December 1941, Japanese warplanes appeared over Pearl Harbor and devastated the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Six months later, in a sea fight north of Midway, four Japanese carriers were sunk. Pacific Crucible tells the epic tale of these first months of the Pacific war.
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Making Men Gay and Women Unhappy

by Brad Nelson6/22/15

This is my personal reflection based upon anecdotal evidence and having eyes wide open. It’s either a primary purpose or the natural result, but the ideology of the Left is meant to produce Gay men (let’s just say “weak, effeminate, submissive, Eloi-like men”) and unhappy women. More » • (720 views)

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