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Top of the World (1955)

TopOfTheWorldSuggested by Brad Nelson • An Air Force major is busy at work at his new base assignment in Alaska, but his focus is soon broken when he learns his ex-wife is in Alaska as well.
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Inventing the Individual

InventingIndividualSuggested by Glenn Fairman • Larry Siedentop firmly rejects Western liberalism’s usual account of itself: its emergence in opposition to religion in the early modern era. He argues instead that liberal thought is, in its underlying assumptions, the offspring of the Church.
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Book Review: Our Lost Constitution

OurLostConstitutionby Anniel5/29/15
The Willful Subversion of America’s Founding Document   •  Senator Mike Lee, Conservative Republican, is hated by the Washington D. C. establishment. A person who now lives in Lee’s home state of Utah told me how much she, personally, dislikes him More » • (1575 views)

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The Ten Commandments — #3

TenCommandmentsA StubbornThings Symposium   5/29/15
Introduction  •  How blissful was my ignorance of the true essence of God’s Third Commandment. Such ignorance kept me concentrating on bottling up that stream of “damns” and “mother oaths” that flowed like a polluted river through a heart undergoing reluctant reconstruction. More » • (4796 views)

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Killing the Scouts

BoyScoutby Trevor Thomas5/27/15
The plague continues to spread. Whether the church, para-church organizations, the government, schools, corporations, small businesses, and even blood banks, the plague of liberalism seems to know no bounds. More » • (2139 views)

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Full Disclosure For All

Misinformationby Leigh Bravo5/27/15
Our government has pushed food labeling to the extreme. Demanding that calories, fat, sugar and other ingredients be fully visible to the public in order for them to be able to make informed decisions about the food they eat. More » • (1143 views)

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The Duggar Mess

Duggarby Steve Lancaster    5/26/15
Over the last few days the media has been rife with the sad story of Josh Duggar and the rest of the Duggar clan. I do not in any way contend that Josh Duggar’s acts are ok or even marginal. More » • (1440 views)

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Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery

DoNoHarmSuggested by Brad Nelson • Henry Marsh, a senior consultant neurosurgeon in London, UK, writes candidly about the challenges, heartbreak, and occasional triumph that neurosurgeons face every day. His bitterness against the institutionalization of medicine is counterbalanced by his very British dry wit and irony.
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Biker Shootout: Libs Going Wacko over Race in Waco

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke5/26/15
Leftists are upset about what they view as a double standard with respect to the Baltimore/Ferguson affair and the recent Waco gang shootout. They’re right, too — there sure is a double standard. More » • (731 views)

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Iron Curtain

IronCurtainSuggested by Timothy Lane • Anne Applebaum covers the sovietization of Eastern Europe that began with the Soviet conquests in 1944-5, and going through the revolts of 1953 (East Germany) and 1956 (Poland and Hungary).
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Life (2009)

Life(2009)Suggested by Brad Nelson • Legendary presenter David Attenborough explains and shows wildlife all over planet earth in 10 episodes. The first is an overview of the challenges facing life. The others are dedicated to hunting, the deep sea, and various major groups of creatures.
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How Corrupt Are You?

by Brad Nelson5/24/15

Mike Konrad has an interesting article today at American Thinker: Why Official Christianity is Dying. The gist of it is contained in this quote: More » • (1772 views)

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