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TedCruzby Anniel3/31/15
Part I  •  On March 23, 2015, Ted Cruz announced he was running for President of the United States of America. The announcement was made at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Before his announcement he spoke for about an hour, without a teleprompter and without using any notes. More » • (1435 views)

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Way Past the Patience of God

ClockFaceby Deana Chadwell3/30/15
I am an American. I’m also a Christian. For the last four decades I’ve been a serious Bible student. I’m also very interested in both politics and history (left over politics). I’m in awe of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. More » • (2526 views)

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Racist Baby or Ugly Man?

by Glenn Fairman3/30/15

Earlier, I was waiting to get my haircut and the whole time a cute little African-American toddler was looking and laughing at me in the way that kids do……Should I have been offended? Maybe the kid had a good reason……. More » • (599 views)

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Fragile: Handle with Kool-aid

by Brad Nelson   3/30/15

We are all emotional creatures to some extent. And perhaps some refining of the term, “emotional,” is in order. Many interpret “emotional” automatically as a synonym for “irrational” or “hyperventilating.” More » • (1061 views)

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Flight: The Genius of Birds

FlightGeniusOfBirdsSuggested by Brad Nelson • Filmed in North America, England, Peru, Greenland and Antarctica, FLIGHT explores mysteries of a bird’s anatomy, instinct, and behaviors to reveal stunning evidence of intelligent design in the living world.
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Liberal Lawyers: Follow the Money

FishInBarrelby Tim Jones3/30/15
I have some friends on Facebook who are liberal lawyers whom I periodically get into debates with after I post something that always incites them to reflexively respond. The funny thing is that debating them is like shooting fish in a barrel. More » • (782 views)

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God’s Providence

Providenceby Jerry Richardson3/29/15
Is there a time in your life that you are personally convinced that you were providentially protected?  Why do you think that? I had such a time when I was 14-years old.Here is what happened. More » • (2941 views)

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Americans Held to a Different Standard Than Our Elected Officials

DoubleStandardsby Leigh Bravo3/28/15
What would happen to any American citizen if their computer servers were subpoenaed and they responded by destroying them?  Do you think jail time would be a potential outcome?  Obviously, Hillary Clinton believes she lives by a different “rule of law” More » • (1133 views)

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MimosaPudica2by Anniel3/27/15
For the past few weeks I have felt the need to stand back, take a deep, cleansing breath and find some refreshment for my soul. Make of it what you will. More »


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Easter April 5, 2015

EasterEggsby Jerry Richardson3/27/15
As a kid growing up, I loved Easter.  I loved hunting and then peeling and eating Easter eggs.  There have been numerous grumps around the world that have complained that such innocent activity besmirches the real meaning of Easter. More » • (3675 views)

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Putting DNA to Work

by Brad Nelson   3/26/15

The East Coast caught a bad break for winter this year (global warming…sheesh), but in the Pacific Northwest, spring came a month early. And we didn’t have much of a winter to speak of. (Maybe we caught some of that global warming while the East Coast had “climate change.”) More » • (1493 views)

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Willful Blindness and Moral Clarity

WillfulBlindnessby Jerry Richardson3/26/15
In a previously posted article, Willful Blindness, I attempted to explore and generate reader comments concerning willful blindness. My exploration in the previous article focused upon what I chose to call ideological willful blindness. More » • (2251 views)

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