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Even Steven – Fundamental Problems with Equality

Cookieby Deana Chadwell 11/30/14
The further into the frightening future we travel the more we will need to understand what has gone wrong with our national thinking, and more importantly, how we are going to correct it. We have spent the last 6 years listening to our dear leader chastise us about equality More » • (1655 views)

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Chicago Overcoat

ChicagoOvercoatSuggested by Brad Nelson • The fates of an aging hitman and a washed up detective become entwined. To usher in his retirement, Lou dusts off his guns for a final series of contract killings. But the tension mounts as friends become enemies, and a weathered detective closes in on him.
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The Desire For Ideological Outcomes

MarxistEdby Jerry Richardson11/30/14
Why have we become a society that desires, even demands, ideological outcomes? Why not outcomes guided by law, or by logic, or by tradition, or by reasoned-deliberations, or by any other rational nexus; but why outcomes dictated by political ideology? More » • (823 views)

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School Days

SchoolDaysSuggested by Brad Nelson • A rich grandmother whose grandson was involved in a school shooting in a ritzy white suburb of Boston refuses to believe he’s guilty. She hires private detective Spenser to prove his innocence. The untangling of this mess unravels other sordid goings on in the area.
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Girly-Man Aid 30

by Brad Nelson   11/28/14

It was just brought to my attention by a good friend in New York that there is a new version of “Band Aid.” Years ago I did a parody of that song. Well, Band-Aid 30 deserves no less. This song practically wrote itself. I cringed at every girly-man note sung in this song. Yikes. I felt my testosterone lowering by the second. More » • (813 views)

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God is Dead. Killed by Christmas.

MassShoppingby Brad Nelson   11/28/14
The Drudge Report had a link at the top of its page yesterday about Early-Bird Shoppers Turning Out on Thankgiving. The unbridled spirit of homo economicus was evinced by a revealing quote from this shopper: More » • (4284 views)

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Sam Adams: A Life

SamAdamsALifeSuggested by Timothy Lane • This is a must-buy for anyone who loved McCullough’s John Adams or Isaacson’s Benjamin Franklin. Ira Stoll puts Sam Adams back where he belongs, front and center with the great founding fathers. But “Samuel Adams, A Life” is not merely a work of history, it is a powerful argument about the ideas that made America and still, to this day, shape the nation.
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Keeping Victimology Alive

by Tim Jones11/27/14

Could it be possible that Michael Brown was a racist? Can black cops be racist? A way to consider the possibility is with a simple thought experiment: what if Darrell Wilson was black? More » • (678 views)

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Thanksgiving Poem

by Fashqn11/26/14

Thank you Lord for all our blessings; for our family and friends
Thank you, too, for Your amazing Grace that never ever ends More » • (749 views)

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Spencer Tracy at Plymouth Rock

Tracey-PlymouthAdventureby Mark Tooley   11/26/14
Plymouth Adventure, a 1952 film with Spencer Tracy and Gene Tierney, is not a great movie. But as the story of the Pilgrims’ passage on the Mayflower it appears every season around Thanksgiving. More » • (1189 views)

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A Carnegie Hall Christmas Concert

CarnegieChristmasSuggested by Brad Nelson • Filmed live at Carnegie Hall in 1992, this Christmas extravaganza is conducted by André Previn and features opera divas Kathleen Battle and Frederica von Stade with jazz legend Wynton Marsalis.
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Obama’s Lynch Mob in Ferguson

Riotsby Timothy Lane   11/25/14
Events in Ferguson took an unsurprisingly tragic turn last night, encouraged by liberal race-baiting (with the tacit assistance of Barack Obama and the Brown family lawyer, both of whom issued pro forma rejections of violence even as they encouraged the racial paranoia that stokes the outrage) More » • (4478 views)

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